Compassion in Politics

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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If we want to change politics, we need to bring compassion back to Westminster

"If politicians were to put compassion at the centre of their decision-making, just imagine how different politics in Britain would be.

All the salient issues we now face, from the crisis in the NHS and universal credit, to climate change and the treatment of our discharged troops, our elderly and the support, or lack of, given to refugees – these are all issues which would be better handled, managed, and supported through compassion. Imagine a political settlement where no new law was passed which left vulnerable members of society worse off or benefited today’s generations at the expense of those of the future." can only hope 🤞

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An utopian dream ?

Compassion ... perhaps Hillsborough was the clearest example in recent times ... closely followed by the Bloody Sunday apology ... close to 40 years too late ... Aberfan in my teens.

Politicians have their own priorities ... preservation of their seats allied with loyalty to their chosen Party.

Collectively , to maintain the Status Quo and to preserve wealth and power ... even under the Labour Party ... scraps as opposed to a piece of anything.

In that respect , hardly any real change since medieval times ... hence my constant use of the word MANOR.

The people ?

A poor third.