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Compass Amendments

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Hi All
Apologies for the length of this post.

As many of you know over the past few weeks there has been debates
on Compass concerning Carers. Some of the Compass members are Carers and have taken a great interest in the debates. One of the members asked for amendments to the Compass agenda for a meeting that is to be held on the 15th September 07.

Compass has rejected the requested amendments. I have C & P
the Compass postings by Frances, (who asked for the amendments) and Dugsie, (also a Carer) so you can read them yourselves here.

Your support in emailing the management committee at Compass
expressing disappointment that Compass have rejected Frances amendments, and urging them to include Carers in/on their agenda
at the meeting on the 15th Sept would be greatly appreciated.

You can contact Gavin at Compass from their website
This what you will see when you click on Contact top right of the Compass home page.

Please address your comments to Gavin. Choose for recipient Compass campaigns (campaign queries). The anti spam often rejects the first sending so, better to keep a copy of your comment in word doc to C & P to send again. (Usually is accepted on second send).

Or you can PM / Email your comments to me here, and I’ll send them for you.
Cheryl x

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Below are the posts C & P from Compass.

Posted by frances (london)
on 31 August 2007, 8:03:02 AM
I am disappointed by the dismissive response of the management committee to my attempt to get these groups on the Compass agenda. I put the amendments forward on behalf of the people who were posting on this thread so please e-mail the management committee and ask them to post and explain their position on this thread.

After 600 postings on the carer thread they could have at least looked at this group and wondered why it feels so marginalised and overlooked by all political parties especially as their neglect fits so exactly with the Compass analysis.

They could have negotiated a more moderate form of words for the first amendment but they can't argue that these groups have had any serious profile under NewLabour. They could at least have taken the trouble to understand the second amendment.

The least the management committee should do between now and the AGM is post on the carer thread and explain why they don't wish to actively make any mention of this group in their positioning paper.

A5. In para 5. Add at the end the words:- “there is a new underclass made up of the elderly, the long term sick, the disabled, the mentally ill and their carers that this government have ignored for ten years and should now make a priority.â€Â
Posted by Paul (Oulton Broad)
on 31 August 2007, 9:34:16 AM
Hi Frances , for carers sakes , I hope you're right.

As for me , I put my " faith " in history , the past 10 years to be precise.

Make me laugh ! Will the Boys be singing the abhorrent Red Flag before the meeting kicks off. Pound to a penny , half of 'em won't know the words !
Posted by Dugsie (North Yorkshire)
on 31 August 2007, 9:43:45 AM
Despite Paul's, entirely understandable, scepticism in this matter, I repeat my request for everybody to support Frances in her endeavours to get Compass to take the carers' situation seriously.
Posted by Paul (Oulton Broad)
on 31 August 2007, 9:55:40 AM
Hi Dugsie - shouldn't be long ....... last few exchanges have been published verbatim within carer circles.

I've done my bit ...... let others enter this Thread ..... the Moderates ( not the Radicals ) ..... I hate to say it that , as a Grim Reaper , my " prophecies " are spot on ..... Compass being just one of them.

When traditional routes are closed blocked off , other routes are needed .... all of which are more radical than the last. For carers , the options are limited , but clear.
Posted by Rosemary (Newcastle)
on 31 August 2007, 10:41:31 AM
"Hi Frances , for carers sakes , I hope you're right."

Morning Paul,I think that should have read for EVERYONES sake.As much as we try raise these issues about carers circumstances,it is not just the here and now that needs addressing but planning for the future.If Labour is to have a future they need start making steps in the right direction.

I agree with Dugsie ( hope all well with you Dugsie )in that Frances gets our full backing.

As for Compass themselves,with an article having in excess of 600 postings,can they really afford to ignore this issue.

Reading their own material explaining who and what they are,several comments jump out.

"Compass is the democratic left pressure group, whose goal is to debate and develop the ideas for a more EQUAL and democratic world, then campaign and organise to help ensure they become reality."

"Compass is open primarily to people who are eligible to be Labour members, but we constantly seek to engage with all members of society who support building a more equal and democratic world."

"A strategic political voice " which is what we need.

"A pressure group focussed on changing Labour " - is Compass going to be like their own party they wish to change?? Maybe we need a pressure group to change Compass????

Of ALL the comments made about this article and Compass themselves,the main thing lacking has been real DEBATE.We have had contributions from Compass members and carers but where is the actual debate? Where are the questions by MP's and Compass committeee members?

As an outsider looking in,my heart goes out to Frances,Dugsie,Jon and a few others who have shown their support.Are they to be disillusioned about the group they belong too.
Posted by Gavin (Compass)
on 31 August 2007, 11:03:28 AM
In response to Frances: We did not feel that the amendments were accurate. On the first of your amendments there was consensus on the committee that the government has not ignored these groups for 10 years, the committee didn’t feel that was an accurate or fair representation. Yes the government clearly need to do an awful lot more for these groups and we recognise that a great deal more needs to be done in this area, but to say that it has ignored these vulnerable groups for 10 years was not felt to be an honest or fair account of what has happened.

On the second amendment here too there are clearly issues about the accuracy of the statement that the amendment made. The DDA of 2005 introduced by the Labour government does have provisions in it to ensure and enforce equal opportunities for the physically and mentally disabled, there may well be an issue about proper enforcement of the DDA to ensure all employers do guarantee equal job opportunities, however to say that 'the market will not provide jobs for the mentally and physically disabled' is also not completely accurate - because there are disabled people out there who do find good, fulfilling and rewarding employment.

So that is why your amendments were opposed by the committee, not because we disagree with the sentiments behind them. That does not mean we can't have a debate and a vote about this at the AGM itself in the proper democratic manner. I'd also refer you to Paragraph 26 of the PPPS in which we commit to:

"Focus the policy discussion around a few big symbolic ideas that we can give life too in terms of being desirable, viable and achievable (the Compass membership will be given a leading role in this process)"

In other words after the AGM the PPPS commits us to a democratic membership consultation to decide the key issues we will work around, one of these could be around carers if there is enough support for it amongst the wider membership.

So if members wish there will be further opportunities, as well as the debate we will no doubt have at the AGM, to prioritise this issue up higher on the Compass agenda - I think there may very well be a case for doing some work around these vulnerable groups - if resources allow and if the wider membership agree. We are listening.

On the issue of carers, on Frances recommendation Dame Denise Platt will be writing an exclusive article for us in September, so we can keep the great debate we've had on here so far alive and kicking. We look forward to that. Many thanks for all your comments.