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ideas tree

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
hi all,

i don't know how well publicised this is. i only stumbled across it myself loking for something else.

it's an online consultation that is ongoing until sometime in september regarding the new deal for carers.

the web address is:


anyone can put across ideas to improve the lives of carers.

according to the interim findings in july, nearly 10,000 visits were made to the site with 584 postings up untll that point.

the main issues highlighted so far have been;
carers allowance and financial assistance,
respite for carers, recognition for carers,
emotional and practical support,
support for young carers and former carers,
housing issues,
challenging the stigma of caring,
raising awareness and profile of carers.

the website is still live and you can post your ideas until september. not sure of the cut off date though.

Thanks for reminding everyone of this. We did have a thread about it back when it was launched.


Closing date for website is end of August I think. For the next stage they are trying to get to carers who don't have internet access. Carers UK is helping to publicise it, to our branches and members. Local carer groups can organise their own meetings - there is a toolkit to help meeting organisers

Meeting Toolkit : http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Eve ... egyToolkit

Also there are a series of events across England that carers can attend.

Events : http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Eve ... tegyevents