Being disregarded for council tax

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I was advised to apply for this under the disregard rule. On looking into this I discovered that my son would be disregarded because he has a 'lifelong mental impairment' and is receiving either the middle or high rate of care component of DLA (he receives middle rate). I would be disregarded as his carer but only if he received the higher rate of care!
Isn't this somewhat of a contradiction in terms? It's obvious we would be claiming because we live in the same house so why are the rules different?
I have e-mailed my MP for his opinion but don't hold out much hope.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has come across this before. Image
Hello, I have just come across this frm my local council i.e. Northumberland. I do not understand it either. We looked into the issue of council tax, my wife at present is currently going through a reassesment for DLA and as you say it does not apply until you are awarded the higher rate of DLA, and it cannot be awarded to spouses. ???? I attempted to query this at our local office they looked at me as if I had two heads!! watch this space
Hi Gordie
I have taken this up with my MP and he has agreed with me that there is an anomalie there. He has sent it on to a higher authority for me. I e-mailed to thank him and said I hoped this didn't mean that they took it at the higher rate for everyone, including the carer side, as a lot of people like me look after someone who gets the middle rate.
I will post again when i hear back so watch this space!