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Stated purpose :

MPs on the Communities and Local Government Committee want to hear about your experiences of accessing adult social care support and services and providing care.

What works and what doesn't work about the current system?
Have you seen services in your area change?
How could services be improved?
As a carer, what do you think are the challenges facing the sector?
As a carer, are you getting the support you need, financially and in terms of your health and well-being?

Choosing just one comment which emphasises the number one priority of the majority of carers.

I have broken it down as many points / observations are raised :
Carers Allowance is a joke.

This is supposed to be "pay" for an unpaid carer to care for relatives and all family members .

However many unpaid carers who claim this are thought to be and maybe have been told they are benefit scroungers.

The majority in the UK have no idea what caring for someone 24/7 means.

For many it means being on call day and night with no break .

For those who are fortunate enough to get a break this can vary on the caree's personal budget .... if they can get one.

Many services are again being cut to the bare minimum, with money ploughed into other services .

If any paid Care worker or paid Care giver is asked would they be able to survive and pay their own mortgages, or rent and living expenses on what unpaid carers receive as an allowance, £62.10 per week, the answer is always no.

If all unpaid carers downed tools and walked the country would not survive.

Trying to obtain work while caring for any family member is next to impossible. Many employers expect everyone to be available at the drop of a hat .

If you are caring for someone you cannot leave until replacement care is in place and paid for .... this cannot be done on Carers Allowance alone.

Employers need to be really flexible in order to employ an unpaid carer ... even if this means providing work which can be done from home. This applies to every employer in the UK regardless of the industry they are from.

Come on UK ....surely you can do better for those who save this country millions .... and up the Carers Allowance to a decent liveable level ...
Carers UK responds to House of Commons Committee report on Adult Social Care ... ocial-care
Thanks R .... worth posting the Committee's recommendations in full ... 3 .... each colour coded to make easier reading :
The Committee’s recommendations on carers include:

Extra funding is needed to enable councils to fulfil their duties to assess and support carers and, in so doing, maintain their health and well-being, participation in education and employment and ability to continue caring.

Consideration of whether carers’ leave might be a basis for giving carers dedicated employment rights.

Carer’s Allowance should be increased to reflect the increasing contribution that carers make to the social care system. In addition, the earnings limit should be higher and more flexible to enable carers to maintain some contact with the labour market.
Always pleasing to hear our language being spoken by third parties.

Second recommendation ... employment right ... surely the minimum wage element would be excluded ? Coupled with the easing in eligibily , the resulting figures could be measured in £ Billions ... certainly not in line with existing Government policy.

In addition , how many unknown carers would come out of the woodwork when learning of this ???

Only one fly in the oinment , the forthcoming Carers Strategy.

David Mowat , Minister , and his comments at the meeting with the All Party Carers Group :
However, David Mowat stated that the strategy would be “cost neutral”, as he believes, “it’s not about money
Two horse race , anyone prepared to bet against the Minister ?