Child Care / Parent Care : Discrimination ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Just one of those simple sounding questions that has no easy answer ?

Government policy provides support for the welfare of children including support services and benefits.

What of the reverse situation ? A child supporting a parent ( Carer and caree ) ?

We know that carers as young as 5 have been reported. Carers into their seventies are caring for a parent into their nineties.

Different policy , less support services and benefits ?

And yet , a parent cares for a child , and , a child for the parent.

Discrimination through age ?

Equal Opportunites Act ?

Whatever , there are differences in Government policy.

But , do any policies fall foul of the Law ?

Have they ever been challenged along these lines ?

Valid question.
Hopefully the school would find out that the child was a carer, and do something to help the child.