Charities ... Businesses ... Which Is Which ?

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Several threads have touched apon this subject wherein it is difficult at times to know the difference.

Some entities are clearly one , but not the other , whereas the fun starts when both objectives are persued under one banner.

Slightly at a tangent to this conundrum is a report from the BBC on NHS hospitals paying more in council tax than private hospitals who are registered as charities :

Question ... are private hospitals really charities ... purely rhetorical ?

As the social care sector continues to collapse , more and more entities are stepping into the breach ... some charities / some businesses.

Just look at the salaries paid by registered charities to their " Management " ... scales to attract pay mercenaries ... what would the original founders make of this ... how many members of charities could do a similar job from within the organisation ... devoting their time and energy towards the charitable cause ?

Just do a Google search ... Charity Sector Pay Scales .... and see for yourselves ... it's staggering !

Or businesses reliant on unpaid volunteers , from apprentices to full time operatives.

What is now needed is a clear distinction , in Law , as to what exactly each entity is ... a charity ? a business ? ... and , if needed , either charitable or business enterprises spun off from the main " Entity " so that there is no confusion in anyone's mind as to exactly what they are dealing with.

Often the case ... society changes but the Law remains the same ... until something goes terribly wrong ?
Interesting issue. I've been in both Nuffield and Spire hospitals. I believe the Nuffield come under a "Foundation", but I think Spire are a business. Is this right?
A good example.

Spire seem to attract fee paying patients ... a case of any pleb being told " On yer bike ! " ?

Nuffield delare themselves to being a non profit charitable foundation. One needs medical insurance cover to avail themselves of their facilities. As for plebs ... another " On yer bike ! " ?

Two figures cut off ? Your insurance only covers one !

A pleb ? Only way in is for the NHS to refer ... and pay ?

Charities or businesses ?

A comment from the Daily Chuckle ( Mail ) who have run a similar article :

Nuffield Hospitals claim charitable status yet behave in many respects the same as their competitors Spire and BMI. Having worked closely with them for a number of years it's time that these quasi charities are expelled from behind their facade.

Therein lies the essence of this thread !
Perhaps I should have said that when I went to the Spire it was either pay or wait too long to save me. I chose paying!

My knee replacements were paid for as part of my car accident compensation.
I would classify said examples as businesses masquerading as charities ... and as " Charities " , enjoy several tax advantages as well as relief against " Business " rates.

What's next ?

Social tenants " Cleansed " ( Thrown out ) of social housing by the " Charity " landlords as they cannot afford an increase in the rent ?

Or , residents outed from a " Charity " run care home because the owners are losing money , and need fee paying residents to replace the LA funded ones to balance the books ?

A charity ... a business ... never the twain shall meet .... ?

Recourse against a charity , and against a business , take on different proceedures even if said recourse is identical to both. Proving against a charity would be a lot harder than a business.

A traditional view of a " Charity " is an entity , established by an individual or group of individuals , endowed with initial funds , and run / managed by a group of supporters / volunteers to carry out the founding purpose.

How many " Charities " would past that test in today's Sad New World with the layers of " Management " now seen together with salaries that most carers / carees could only dream of ?

If not charities , what exactly are they .... ?

Hence , the classification as to who is actually who needs updating ... and fast !
More on the Business Rate ambiguity .... NHS / private hospitals ... an excellent article from today's Yorkie Post : ... -1-8713023
Private hospitals are enjoying a £52 million tax break on their business rates bill through their charitable status while NHS hospitals are facing crippling hikes, research has revealed.

NHS hospitals ... free at the point of delivery ... pay full business rates.

Private hospitals ... pay for their services ... reduced business rates due to their " Charitible " status.

Perhaps the energy providers should re-register as " Charities " , and then pass on some savings to us poor users as " Charitable " donations from the savings to be made ?

Funny old world ... isn't it ?
Daily Chuckle ( Mail ) .... 29 February 2016 : ... eveal.html

Some 1,700 organisations that claim to be charities are also operating as money-making businesses, the charity regulator revealed yesterday.

The figure was uncovered by the Charity Commission in the wake of a scandal over the methods used by Age UK, which made millions by using its name to promote household energy deals that were not the cheapest available.

While Age UK rejects the allegations and E.On says its tariffs are competitive, commission chairman William Shawcross ordered an immediate review by all charity trustees of their organisation’s commercial activities.

He warned that those which do not clean up their operations risk being stripped of their charitable status.
Therein lies the conundrum ... is it a bird or a plane ?