Cash Starved ? Previously Care Homes , Now Nurseries

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Today's BBC web site :

Essex nursery 'closes because of universal free hours scheme'

Yet another case of funds being provided by the Government through the LAs being insufficient for social care facilities to remain viable.

First , and as previously reported , care homes .... now child nurseries.

Latest impact from the recent Government decision to extend free child care hours.

Fine for headline making BUT ... if not adequately financed , doomed to failure ?

Childcare minister Robert Goodwill said the extra free hours were funded nationally by a £1bn boost to raise rates paid to local providers.

He added that the rates were based on a comprehensive review of childcare costs and took account of current and future pressures.

But for the staff of Fidgety Fingers, that's not how it feels on the ground.

Jackie says: "The Early Years sector is very good at trying to patch up and make do... but for as long as we all try to do that, the more the government doesn't have to do anything.

"It's great for parents, but my staff who are earning an average of £8.50 an hour are subsidising parents who are earning up to £200,000 a year.

"And when you think about that, it just brings it all home."
Not very many parents earn £200,000 per year
Not very many parents earn £200,000 per year
Agreed but child care costs are still covered under the Scheme. upto £ 100,000 !

Therein lies the potential weakness in not limiting the eligibilty to a lower figure ( Say £ 40k in London , £ 32k outside ) and staircasing from the bottom up ... the less you earn , the more financial support under the Scheme.

In Worksop , it's already causing much consternation as the average income in these parts is in the order of £ 16 / 17k per annum , with most nurseries taking in children roughly 50 / 50 from working families and from those relying on benefits.

Even the working parents have had their Working Tax Credit element reduced in the past year.

In addition , throw in 1 in 8 working locally on zero hour contracts and the end result is uncertainty.

In the absence of the LAs covering costs , where are the extra monies to come from ?
The money should come from the. Parents
I'm fed up with hearing about everyone who is "cash starved" when as a carer over 65 I don't ANYTHING.