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Caring for our Future - Carers UK Forum

Caring for our Future

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Caring for our Future
Care & Support Alliance response

“Over 1 million people have given up work or reduced working hours to care for ill or disabled
loved ones. Without more support, families, business and the economy will lose an estimated £750 million and £1.5 billion a year in earnings because the social care system cannot support families to juggle work and care”

The impact of not acting

•Failure to meet disabled and older people’s needs because services are not available or
not fit for purpose puts local authorities at risk of breaching basic human rights, including
the right to be free from inhumane or degrading treatment (Article 3 Human Rights Act).

•Failure to provide home-based or community-based services or lack of information,
advice, advocacy and support may push disabled and older people into residential care
which is more costly than domiciliary care.

•Failure to create a flexible, responsible care system that has regard to the right of
disabled and older people to lead their lives in dignity and with autonomy will exacerbate
the waste of resources, meaning that public and private money is spent ineffectively and
people are driven into poverty.

http://careandsupportalliance.files.wor ... ssion3.pdf

By Steve McIntosh, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Carers UK
My view is that Chronic Disease care needs to be more Community based.As Carer Ambassador in Derbyshire, if we can get more carers to register with their GP, so the Government knows the numbers involved and get GPs to work with Carers there could be more emergency care in the Community instead of always admitting people to hospital This would be far cheaper and cause less bed blocking.
I looked after my husband who needed hoisting, at home for 8 years.He was in hospital only 1 night in that time.I must admit I had a medical background and a good team under Direct payments which I added to, as needed. Most people are looked after by Care Assistants in hospital, why couldn't there be an emergency team in the Community, that GPs could use.Like Marie Curie in End of Life Care.
Bridget leech
Some areas have exactly that, but it is a postcode lottery.
People who aren't in the know, often think that there is a 'magic' bank of emergency assistants on whom I can call at times of need (ie Christmas Eve or any given time of the day or night, without a moment's notice when people decide they don't like the comforts of our home any more). There is no 'magic' bank of emergency assistants in this area, nor have I heard of this anyway.
I am the 24 hour emergency assistant, what do I need another one for? :(
An emergency community team would save money. If my hubs pain because uncontrolable at home we have to go to A&E for pain relief. That involves calling an amublance then all the messing in A&E if they are busy and he has to wait thing escalate and he ends up being admitted. If some one could come out it would be easier and cheaper all round