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CarerWatch - Carers UK Forum


Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well.

Last week a new venture was launched by a group of carers/non carers who all came together from various carer boards and other sources but with a common aim,to try get the system changed.You will recognise some of the other names on there along with my own.

http://carerwatch.com/index.php is the Home page

http://carerwatch.com/about.php the About Us page.

This is not a carers forum in the way that the others are,it is not in competition with any others, more to run alongside all forums and record instances of how this government and previous ones, along with Local Authorities have let those most vulnerable down.It is also for the professionals within care services to get involved too.

If after reading the above links you feel you wish to tell your own story of how the government/system has let you down, please post in the Testimonies section.


Campaigning is not for everyone for many reasons.Some just don’t have the time or the energy but if after posting your testimony you feel you want to do more,consider joining the forum attached to Carerwatch.There is a link on the About Us page.

There are many ways to get what carers both need and want and this is one of them.Even if you don’t join, I hope you will wish the new group luck.

Can I just stress that this group are not asking people to choose boards.I myself belong to approx 9 different boards, some not related to caring.Each one offers something different.

a bump, still looking for testomonies http://carerwatch.com/testimonies/
Had a look.
Is there really a need for yet another board?
Hi Myrtle,

It is not another board in the way that you mean like this one and others.It is not in competition with any other group,more just a way of trying to collate as many testimonies from those that feel comfortable doing so and keeping them in one place.A record if you like that will hopefully grow and show just how the system is failing us all.Of the time we have all been online,read many stories,helped people, after a short time their stories are lost in cyberspace.
Some people may leave their testimony and not visit the site again,that is fine.Others may wish to take things further and join the campaign forum.Everything is about choice,reading something and deciding if suitable for an individual.

On a personal note,for me most attempts by any carer/group of people is worthy of support even if all I do is email and wish them luck or sign a petition.We all have such hectic lives,stressful ,and yet many still find the energy to try bring about changes to a failing system.

Hopefully Carerwatch will grow but even if it doesnt I have lost nothing but gained already in just over a week.Through that group, I have had contact with Head of Policys of National groups for the elderly,a senior social worker in Scotland and Social Workers in Birmingham.
Life is one long learning process and I have learned quite a bit recently.

Like I said,its not yet another board.If you read the About Us page you will see the following ..

If you are looking for immediate help or advice, you can contact the national charities for carers: CarersUK or The Princess Royal Trust for Carers. .

Hope this helps explain Myrtle but if you have any more questions please feel free to pm.


x x
HI Rosemary

I know you mean well-but-WE already know the system is failing and likely to get worse, the charities know this too but rather than fight it they seem to accept it.

Another problem I can see for the new board is that the two charities you mention have a monopoly, being the only organisations the Government will listen to on carer matters.

Personally, I have given up hoping for anybody else to fight for me and find that I can achieve more fighting my own corner for my own needs.
I wish you well with the new venture but can't help feeling that it's all futile and too late--the decisions have all been made and they know exactly what they are going to announce later this year.
Cheers Ken
Thanks for your good wishes Ken,means a lot to me.

How are things going for you just now??

x x x
Things are fine for me at the moment thanks Rosemary-despite the efforts of others!!
As you probably know-things have happened recently to enforce my view that carer's boards are the least caring places on the internet!

We will survive! Image Image

All the best rosemary with the new venture, you have the full support of the National carers Forum, paula and i think it is a brilliant idea and hope that it goes from strength to strength.

Tony Image Image
Ken said
We will survive
My hubby not too happy with you Ken Image .When I read what you said above I started singing Gloria Gaynor I will survive Image .Lets just say my rendition was slightly off key Image .
Unfortunately Ken I dont know what you mean by recent events and no need to know either, but we will have to agree to disagree about carers boards.They are a source of extreme support to many and by that I mean every board in its own way.They also allow those more experienced carers to share with newbies and hopefully help them in their caring role.

Thx for yours and Paulas wishes too Tony.

x x x x

thanks for that RM, and the ongoing support from all.

We would be pleased to see on the board and in particular posting testimony about your caring role.