Carers World Radio and General Election

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Carers World Radio will be broadcasting live on evening of the election and they will be making their chatroom available for any carers that want to participate. Whether that just be joining it and not posting that is fine. However, you will be able to discuss issues surrounding carers if you like.

Once all details and times are known I will add them here.

In the meantime here is a link from them for the North Norfolk area

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Whoopie .... for millions it will mean something.

In CarerLand / CareeLand , no need to set one's alarm clock.

The following morning will be just like the previous one in our lives.

The queues at the local food banks will be no shorter.

As if it will have any effect on our caring roles beyond making them harder ... ?


Well said your Lordship !
Chris,, why are you so full of negativity?

You seem to be a "my glass is totally empty". Type
Mainly when it comes to political issues ?

Any manifestos out there that will address the plight of carers and carees alike ?

Perhaps realistic more apt ?
I do love the direct way of expressing oneself one finds here...if only whole world like this I'd have no issues with fitting it with 'society' :P
Chatroom goes live from 10pm

Click on this link to access.

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Five now open in different browser windows.

Always a good laugh watching the believers at work , especially when those of different colours exchange pleasantries !

This time tomorrow , nothing will have changed in CarerLand ...
12.40 am .... and there were none.

Shame Tom and his team had to endure that one.

I did try to prewarn him that politics and carers do not mix but .... nobody after 12.40 am ?

Several interviews with candidates. The only party that showed any real affinity for carers were UKIP , and they were virtually wiped out last night !

Peter Beresford , known to many of us from CarerWatch days , came across very well, At this stage , an ideal candidate to become a trustee if it was left to us.

Would have been more productive by covering the roadshows and allowing Internet based carers to participate with the Voice's hierarchy.

Still , that Carers UK for you.

One day , they might even ask for our opinions before taking whatever decisions.
Just sent the following email to Carers Radio through their own web site :

Re : Free travel for carers / 21 hour rule.

Early autumn and the House is back in session.

Whilst the protagonists vent their anger over Brexit and Low Pay , time for Carers Radio to contact the leading players in the two grass roots campaigns which , added together , MAY change the lives and aspirations of low millions of carers unlike any other campaigns / issues in the past .... without exception ?
As mentioned before on numerous occasions , about time this resource was used more often for the benefit of carers.

Perhaps the decision to remain a " Charity " now precludes it's use for our campaigning purposes ?

One for the membership to take up when that opportunity now presents itself ?