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Carers Undervalued ?

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:05 am
by Chris From The Gulag
Apologies for not spotting this one earlier.

Bernadette Horton again .... a carer herself ..... her article ahead of Carers Week ... which , in true carer fashion , passed into history without any hint of trouble or national coverage beyond a few footnotes. ... erly-vital

No apologies for the source. Every reader should appreciate that we do have friends on the outside.

Politics ? They have no place in our world as may be demonstrated by ANY party over the past 15 / 20 / 25 years. And , most probably , for the next decade at least.

In that , I disagree with any faith being put into a political party. Just ask the Jarrow marchers. Virtually
treated like lepers as soon as they arrived in London.

Are tea parties instead of demos still the order of the day during Carers Week ?

Probably , after all . a sore throat from demonstrating to nobody listening or even understanding does leave one slightly thirsty ? Demo in the morning , tea in the afternoon , then back home to Coronation Street / East Enders / live footie ?

Job done. Sense of achievement. Diary note for next year ?

In all honesty , what else can one do ????????

CarerWatch almost collectively came to the same conclusion some 7 / 8 / 9 years ago.

Resistance is Futile ?

One member on CareWatch and a regular elsewhere on this Forum , disagreed. He probably still does but may have more doubts with the passing of time ? Events are my ally on this one. Winning a street brawl is one thing , losing a war is another.

Even then , it was a case of perceptions rather than a disagreement ...... grey instead of black and white.

And , like Mr. Corbett , we know our place ... don't we ?