Winter Death Stats For 2015 : NPC Protest

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Obviously , this article does not make good reading. ... lost-lives

Nevertheless , even bleak news needs recording if only for the awkward question of just where do our priorities lie ?

With this one , the Government's view and all UK citizens views are a chasm apart.

I don't belief any would argue against more needs to be done .... and quickly.

No apologies for the source once again. For whatever motive , worthy of being published.

Suffice to say .... R.I.P. .... from all readers. And , just hollow does that sound ... ?

Message for the Government ?

The Aberfan defence doesn't work in 2016 , nor ever should it back in 1966.
Thanks for this Chris. I get emails from our local Healthnet org. Last few weeks their newsletters have carried quite a few articles about this topic. Plus warnings about the severe long cold winter they are expecting us to have. Worse even than previous years.

On a personal level we have had days lately wherein heating and fire been on most of the day. The bitter cold cuts right through you. We are fortunate that we were due a refund on heating, albeit a small one, but I left it to give us a head start for the winter.

I am pleased to report that others on the net have picked up this article , and are now circulating in turn to others across several spectrums.

Jack feeding Jessie ?

Always cold up there in those parts in more ways than one.

Just had a donation of a winter's fuel allowance.

At least it will help pay off my food bill for the past 2 months I had on tick !

Old Bill will be pleased ... a new seat for that clapped out old wheelchair of his ... ?

At least one reader will understand the message ... which makes one more than normal ?

I digress again ... this is a sombre Thread.