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Carers under threat. - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Carers under threat.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Please everyone by all means have a discussion but let's keep it from getting personal.

Entity, I feel that your comments to Excalibur were unnecessary.

Whilst I can understand that carer poverty is a real issue and a major one at that, Excalibur is right to point out the wide variety of situations that carers find themselves in. Elsewhere it was noted that Jimmy Savile was a carer at a time when he was also doing work at Stoke Mandeville, presenting Top of the Pops and had his own radio programme. That's not to say his caring role was as extreme as some others, he was no less a carer. As far as I personally am concerned, either you're a carer or you're not. No degrees. At least Excalibur has put his money where his mouth is on the subject of carer poverty and helped organise, and attended, the Carers Poverty Protest in 2009. Not just a pretty face then. Image

It's also true that the proportion of carers from the 2001 census showed that 42% of carers are male. It's ok to talk about the majority of carers being women, but it's not by a huge margin. And in fact, the older a man is, the more likely he is to be a carer - more than half of the over 65s carers in the census were male. That caught everyone by surprise when it was published.

Yes, carer poverty is an issue. The downturn and the expected cuts are an issue - and all deserving of space on this forum. But there are other issues for discussion too, and maybe we should not ignore those. I think that was Excalibur's point, anyway.

The fact is that it's easy to get to a point where because we feel passionate about an issue – whether it be carer poverty, or inclusiveness, or something else entirely – we stop listening to others and focus only on our own message. Worse still, we can't see why others cannot see with the same clarity...
how about this i have "friend " who is a carer for her mother , she lives in our area her mum in york , she is married 2 children and works "part time" and claims the carers allowance, she uses her mums motabilithy car daily and visits her mum sat / sun .. i know she should be reported but ..............

male / female i`m sure the % is now just 52% female carers 48% male .....
The few who abuse the system make it harder for the majority who don't, George.

As for the percentages, it will always vary a bit overall, but it depends on how you sample the group. For example, most carers centres don't have so many male carers in contact. Or under 40s.
Excalibur & Charles

I wasn’t trying to point score!

Just following on from the general theme covered by CUK Big debate -International Carers Conference on carers rights.
Do you think we should have a single definition of what a 'carer' is? Do you feel it gives you an important identity? Or because carers are all so different, should we just talk about 'caring'?
International Carers Conference hears about caring crisis facing huge elderly populations in India, USA and China. Caring is a real global issue.
Freedom of speech
I don't understand why anyone feels the need to tell people not to discuss carer poverty, no one is obliged to join in with any thread, if people were not interested in a particular thread then it would just slip off the board.
The reason threads keep getting locked is because someone keeps joining in with a discussion they appear not to want to have in the hope someone will oblige and lock it resulting in stifling debate.

To be honest most people are carers in some way or other, most of it's just normal family support.

People who provide long term care for people with chronic disability's and severer illnesses are lost in this general term Carers. We do not have our own Identity. Because of this Politicians ignore us.

George is right Carers UK need to concentrate on the 440'000 carers who receive CA and stop trying to help everyone that provides some form of care that's part of normal family life.

Vicky, no one has said that we should not discuss carer poverty, or indeed that we should not be able to discuss any topic.
But the operative word is 'discuss' which means to respect alternative views on the topic and not to resort to personal remarks to other members.
I have just received CUK’ July's Magazine and thought this might be of interest to some carers on here.

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... commission
Pdf link at the bottom
www.un.org/esa/population/publications/ ... nglish.pdf


Funny you should mention garden fence- I threw a tomato out for the birds a while back and yesterday I discovered 14 tomato plants growing. I have also planted some out-of-date potatoes in pots which will yield me a good crop.
Actually Myrtle someone has suggested that we do not discuss carer poverty, my post has been deleted that showed that and it certainly was not personal, however re-reading the thread should clarify, you will see that it was told to us that we should be discussing more generic matters. Moot point as anyone can start a thread on anything they like but if someone does not want to discuss this one then they do not have to.
It really does appear that if people respond to certain other[s] then that becomes personal in order that the post is either deleted or the thread closed.
It might be better for all if a deleted thread or closed thread is explained in exactly how it was personal and not just be told it was.
it very much seems certain people can say and impile whatever there want yet others get jumped on when there do the same back. double standards yet again