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Carers under threat. - Carers UK Forum

Carers under threat.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Entity - I think one of the things we were talking about was the possible effect on carers in paid employment of the removal / reduction of social care packages. We agreed I think that some carers will be forced to give up paid employment because of this - quite a worrying scenario.
I did note that the government will be in a win win situation as they will save more money by removing /reducing the social care packages than they will spend on the resulting benefit claims.

Didn't we also mention stuff to do with 24/7 carers? Time we got a much fairer deal methinks - with the hours that we work accounted for and recognised in the benefits we are paid.
i totally agree with you boggle on this there will be alot more who have to give up work to care. lets also remember alot will also lose dla and other benefits as well. so the government win on all sides. the ones who will suffer are the carers and the carees..
Boggle and Paul,

The system is already under pressure according CUK and other sources on the internet. Working carers are finding it difficult to get the care and support needed from social services and the money for direct payments is also running out as well...
and will only 3 months into financal year thats the worring part.. councils will be out of money very soon..
It must be quite worrying for some carers in paid employment - they have probably struggled for years to get the system to tick their boxes and now face the rug being pulled out from under their feet.

And this is just one of the many worrying situations that face carers since the budget!
Could not agree more Boggle, fortunatley I am reasonably well paid but if the financial split of payments between myself and SS changes, initially any pension payments will have to go but given my OH's care equates to a salary of 37k ( when you add in NI and Tax) based on Direct Payment rates if I have to return to paying in full which I have done in the past when the need was lower there will just be no point in my working as the residue of my salary will not cover the combination of petrol council tax food insurance etc.

I realise that others will be affected more by a slight increase in payment contribution but think we all face the possibility that we would have to give up work and rely on CA plus any benefit our caree gets. Which I know is what many others already face being 24x7 carers but is a big adjustment on a personal level and for our caress who have paid carers who they have beneficial relationships with, it will not make for a happy time at all especially having to make a small group of people redundant from a job which I believe they enjoy
Tony - I do hope you are not too adversely effected by these changes and that you are able to keep working. This is all such a worry for everyone concerened.
It strikes me that apart from carers who are currently in paid employment there will also be other carers who were hoping to return to work who will now find that option blocked - rug pulled out from under their dreams. Image
As a 24/7 carer who is unable to take up paid employment (oh for some kind of set-up grant so I could work for myself from home!) I know what you mean about having to rely on benefits - it ain't easy! High time that CA and associated IS were increased to a decent level - sod the current economic crisis - we never caused it - indeed many of us have probably been propping up the banks for years - they screwed their customers for every penny they could and when they had emptied that pot it backfired on them!
To be honest we only survive because of my legendary shopping skills - I don't do a big weekly shop - I buy what we need in the way of basics (sugar, coffee, etc) and then I take advantage of special offers only on the stuff we use - bulk buying the non-perishable offers and whatever is perishable but can be frozen or has a long date. Today it was Flora spread - BOGOF (genuine) with use by dates of Oct - we have enough in the fridge to last till the use by date - this has saved us about £15. Last week there were some reduced raspberries - down to half of half price - used daily in daughter's breakfast - bought the lot and froze them - saved about £60. (Raspberries ain't cbeap!!!!) Already have a large supply of
blueberries in the freezer for her - saved about £50 on those. Have to buy them anyway so I buy them when they are cheap and freeze. Her diet is quite expensive (fluids alone are £17 a week) so savings like these make life a but easier.
Having no option but to rely on benefits makes life a flippin nightmare at times but we live in hope that a government will one day recognise what we do and give us a fair deal - if you don't have hope you have nothing!
sugar 2 for a pound in farmfoods
Good tip Paul!
For some of us the only way to manage is by clever shopping.
If CA was raised I would still shop clever but to be honest I could win the lottery and would probably still find myself doing it - old habits and all that!
A physio (some twenty four years ago) used to grin at me and say 'you don't buy anything unless it's a bargain' - I learnt quickly and sadly that is what many will have to do if cuts force carers to give up work - but fear not folks - those of us who are experienced in such matters will give you all the advice we can!
I got very strange looks from the checkout girl this morning as I lifted up my basket with all that flora in - I get even stranger looks when I have a basket full of soft fruit - but such is the life of a 24/7 carer reliant on benefits - needs must.
I would love to be able to shop for whatever I want whenever I want but that is not possible - daughter's diet comes first.
I would love Cameron and Clegg to come along with me for a month and see what our lives are really like - they would get a shock.
Good tip Paul!
For some of us the only way to manage is by clever shopping.
I would love Cameron and Clegg to come along with me for a month and see what our lives are really like - they would get a shock.
That is for certain, Boggle. Image Image

Perhaps it's what they need?

Incidentally, I agree that there is a distinct chance that with the changes in benefit entitlements, loss of services, etc., some carers may find themselves suddenly not working and in dire financial straits, while others will find it even harder to find work because there is not the support. But a thought - and it is just speculation based on the recent changes to the Independent Living Fund: what is the chance that the government will change some of the priorities around Personalisation so that carers who want to work get a little higher priority?