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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/ ... -dismissal
With news that the Treasury has successfully blocked the Dilnot commission's plans for reforming long-term care, the anxiety facing millions of older people and their families goes on
I have just read about the new law for carers to get help with sick and disabled relatives, and their careers. What I cannot find is about respite, is respite legal or a present from social services. I have had a massive cut in my daughter's community care, 80%, I have had no money given towards her care until 21st June 2012, that's been a whole year without a service or break. Social Services have ignored my appeal letters, and released only a quarter of the money expecting my daughter not to use it. I am now in the process of taking legal action against them through the disability law service.

They have told me I am entitled to only 14 days a year respite, because my daughter is a 2-1 care, but they are refusing and have refused to pay for it. If there is a law I would like to know about it.

The legislation on this is relatively weak at present, petty. The Disability Law Service will have all that information anyway. The issue is why the cut? Have needs changed? If not, it probably isn't justifiable.
I think you will find that the most of the new law will be covered in todays white paper re social care ..respite care will not be part of the changes ..we have to pay if we want respite care ....
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... bills.html

it is not just those with assets over £23-000 / home owners who pay ..as we all know if you have good high private pensions you also pay, even if you do not have savings or own a home ..
I don't take too much notice of what I read in the Daily Fail. In fact, I prefer not to read the Daily Fail at all. They are notorious for over-glamourising stories, hyping them up and publishing stuff that is simply not true. They have published so much scaremongering incorrect articles that I cannot stand the paper.
read here. There is a form to fill in too

http://www.carersuk.org/newsroom/item/2 ... l-care-law
Well like me, I'm sure we were all witing for the 'Big Announcement' in the social care White Paper. Surely this would be the good news that we have waited years for.....or maybe not. It turned out to be like another England quater-final exit on penalties. What a huge anti-climax and total dissapointment. How the tories can stand there and crogratulate themselves on doing....er....nothing much to address the inevatible disastrous consequences of not changing the current system is beyond me. They seem to think giving people loans is 'sustainable'. Let me get this straight. They will happily let people borrow money + interest untill they die and then let the relatives pay it back over god knows how many years. What exactly are they giving us apart from being saddled with huge debts??

Also much talk about new carers rights, but no substance as to exactly what that means. More help, more money, more respite....not a chance.

I suspected this would be a false dawn and I'm disgusted to be honest. The government are still clueless on what to do and will continue kicking these issues into the long grass as long as they can get away with it. Image
I do not believe that carers have any rights, and the law around the disabled is a patchy one too, especially when it comes to finances. DLA was in my time came in 3 levels. After proving that I am up all night, and my daughter had high needs she was eventually given the high rate. Then because of her weight and difficulty in walking she was awarded the high rate mobility for the car, which we have to get her around. All of us know exactly what benefits my daughter receives in her benefit, including her income support. Now us carers now get 58.45 per week, no other income because we gave up our high paying jobs for the benefit to look after our relatives. You would assume that some of my daughters money should top up my care towards her, but how can that be today, she used to have a care package of 22 weekends away to a seaside and a 42 hour week day service, I used to get 2 weeks a year respite and all of this was not charge, because of the low income. Now they only giving 20 hours a week only, they want us to share our car with a service, they want my daughter to pay for her food and for her carers on the day service, social services also want back £70 per week. How is that helping the disabled and carers.

It seems that its a bleak time for us carers and our disabled relatives.
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