Carers UK AGM : 18 October 2017

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
No mention anywhere on the forum ... only spotted when searching for information on another issue.

In past years , usually a " Red " to annouce with a big hurrah ... akin to a master of ceremonies ?

Anyone receive an invitation ???

Upto 2015 , highlighted minutes were published ... nothing last year ... probably none this year.

Certainly low key this year ... nothing on Carers Radio which would make 2 years in succession of no live coverage.

Apart from a stint up in North Norfolk for the General ( Non ) Election , nobody viewing after 12.30 am ... little activity over the past two years ... and how much is invested in that under utilised facilty ?

Purely rhetorical ....

Did any poster still viewing the forum attend ?

Anything on what went on ?

All one way traffic or ... did any carer raise any questions / observations ... in advance or from the floor ?

Would be " Nice " for a post match report to appear somewhere.

Whilst it is " Their " organisation , we , carers , still have some interest ... albeit remote ... don't we ?
Details were sent out with the magazine and all members should also have received an email.
My email was dated 21st August and linked to this page on the main website ... KM,JM81O,1
Thanks Susie.

Still does not explain why no " Red " on the forum ... all years , from the archives , 2007 - 2016 ... even dealing directly with posters' questions when going back to the interactive days of Matt and Gavin.

Carers Radio absent again ... how many members would have watched the proceedings ?

Perhaps low key in line with the new look Carers UK following the constitutional changes over the past 12 months ?

Being held just a week or so ago ... I wonder if any mention was made of the Forum problems ?

Purely rhetorical ...

No problem , unless any other poster wants to add some observations ?
In 2004 I made a huge effort to attend, partly funding the journey myself. My motion was carried almost unanimously - that Carers Allowance should be available to all carers who cared, and paid at a rate equivalent to the Minimum Wage. It was passed almost unanimously, well over 90%.
No worries ... a search of Hansard reveals the number of times an increase in CA has been mentioned in the House in the 13 years since passed.

The result ... a clue ... one does not need both hands to count the exact number.

In essence , once every 2 years ... and our number priority is ... ???

Reducing the barriers to claim CA in the first place ?

At a pinch , 3 ... over the same 13 year period.

25 minutes to obtain said results.

So much for ANY motion ?
Times certainly have changed ... a report of the 2011 agm ... before things started to change in respect of reporting : ... agm#p14055

Prior to that , difficult to isolate but , from memory , Matt and / or Gavin fielding all questions on travelling / proposed motions prior to that year's agm.

Canary Wharf ... corporate tower block ... a symbol of prosperity ... how many carers can relate to that in their daily struggle to survive / live ... as if mocking us for what we are ... wipe your feet and take off your hat when one enters the citadel ?

We don't expect much for our £ 132 BILLION contribution each year ... do we ... the odd pat on the head occasionly ?

The endless recommendations to change venues each year to recognise the members stuck in the regions flow through during those years.

Regional roadshows of late ? For whose benefit ?

Probably never see the likes of that again.

Participation ... engagment ... video links ... a sense of being an actual part of something ... now seemingly lost for any members unable to attend.

How does one regain those in 2017 ... and beyond ... only avenue is through the forum ... and that's not the same ?

Whatever is said on the forum remains on the forum ... and does not reverberate any higher.

Still , members had their say and this is the new state of affairs.

I just wonder what the other ( Slightly less than ) 6 million carers make of it ?

One can only draw their own conclusions ...