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CARERS STRATEGY 20XX ? All The Build Up To The Non Event Of This Decade ? A White Flag Raised Even Before It's Announced - Page 10 - Carers UK Forum

CARERS STRATEGY 20XX ? All The Build Up To The Non Event Of This Decade ? A White Flag Raised Even Before It's Announced

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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Matthew Hancock: ‘I’ll travel the world looking for the best technology for NHS’

Social care ?

Our Boy is taking a different route ?

Still , his " 'Alf 'Our " will come ... eventually.
One sent over by a very close contact from CarerWatch days.

An 11 page report from an alliance of the major supporting organisations for our carees out there ( AGE UK / MIND / SCOPE etc. ) ... in .pdf format :

http://careandsupportalliance.com/wp-co ... rt-CSA.pdf

From THEIR perspective ... makes an interest read.

Trouble is ... from OUR perspective , doomed to failure as the crux of the Issue is missed.

US ... we are the BASE of the social care system , however it is built.

Take us away and and the whole system simply collapses.

Ask ANY architect how a building is built ... from the bottom up ... perhaps ?

Until such time as that is acknowledged by all and sundry out there , reports like this one are best suited for the rubbish bin.
Not quite dead ... nothing on the horizon in the House ... time to get this TOO IMPORTANT thread back on the menu.

A trip ( Again ? ) down memory lane ... CarerWatch 2008 ... led up to the 2009 Carers Strategy.

Just as important now as it was then >
Social Care ?

United we stand , divided we fail springs to mind.

Carers / the elderly / the disabled ....... some are only one , some are two , the most unfortunate are all three.

Why must others constantly label themselves as belonging to just to one tribe ?

All three " tribes " are victims of deliberate government policy ..... a social war that has been raging for decades. Dugsie ......... forgive me here ..... the proletariat ( aka 2008 version .... the Underclass ) only have their chains ( to the System ) to loose.

Perhaps too revoltionary for most but ....... how apt ?

Almost as bad as football fans ....... unless they ignore their differences and together support their national tribe ? Or , survivors stranded on an uninhabited island , their own survival depends on working together for the common good.

As carers , we have been banging our heads against a brick wall for a decade or more. Just around the corner of the same building , the elderly have been doing the same. Lo and behold , peer round the next corner , and we can see the disabled doing the same. Meanwhile , the abhorrent System continues to function only because we allow it to ......... by continuing to care instead of abandoning our carees to the System.

Even now , many mp's / professionals rest easy at night knowing the System is safe ....... the frequent abuses / deaths inherent in said System mere pain that eases once the media tire of such revelations.

A change of government will be no help ....... the System needs to be dismantled , and rebuilt from the bottom up. There is no will being expressed by ANY politician to even think along these lines. Anyone want to predict the future ...... in say 5 \ 10 years time which isn't apocalyptic even when confined to Social Care ?

Thanks to that wonderful creation know as the internet , you are reading such postings as this one ......... why waste an opportunity to really start to think of radical change which will ease the Plight of near to 1 in 4 citizens of this country ?

I hate labels / tribalism ....... I wonder if it shows in my postings ?

Talks around the Carers Strategy but tries to expand the role of carers and their carees within what we know as " Social Care. "

What we need as carers is one thing , what we need " Social Care " to be is another ?

Funny how I still remember parts of the above ?
To get this one back to where it belongs ... towards the top ... given what's at stake here ?

A trip down memory lane ... 2007 ... and the build up to the last one.

CUK ... as they were then ... pro active ... and their bit following what we started on CarerWatch around the same time :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... hanged-354

( New campaign ... Carers Being Short Changed ... stats used then mirror image those available now ... just a case of blowing
the dust off most ??? ...shades of Fairer For Carers only a few months ago ? )

We have been saying for a few months now, that we have a new campaign on the way well today we launch it! We hope this new campaign will push the issue of carer poverty up the political agenda. You may remember back at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 we urged everyone to complete our survey about your finances. Today we have published the results of that survey and are urging carers, their friends and families to sign up to our new campaign, Real change, not short change, to secure a better deal for carers from Government.

For once , both supporting organisations and the ( Then ) numerous independently run carer forums were unanimous... OUR voice
needed to be heard !

CarerWatch ?

Virtually ceased to function in early 2010 ... only me still active ... unless others are in other areas ... Disability Alliance perhaps ?

What is particularly of concern in 2019 is our supporting organisations in this ???

To the fore in 2007 ... twelve years later ... 2019 ... conspicuous by the absence ???

Doesn't effect them ... they are not carers ... but , would be " Nice " for them to back us in this one sided battle ?

A battle lost without a single bullet being fired ??????
2007 ... and an extract from the archives on here ... CarerWatch members invading Compass ... and the more than now legendary John Battle thread.

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... ompass-656

( The Compass forum and archives have been consigned to that cyberspace bin ... when added to the old PRT / Carers Trust forum and achives , a MAJOR lost of our history that cannot be replicated or replaced !!!!!!! )

Bits UNDERLINED ... and from 12 years ago :

Thanks for bringing this up Tony

I,along with quite a few other carers from different carer groups have been posting on Compass now for about 2 months.There has been roughly 4-5 threads but the link you gave above is the most current one,members be warned tho,in excess of 200 postings so a very lengthy read.

( Finished with 700+ ... a very long battle just to justify that family / kinship carers were a special case , and needed to be recognised as such ... I still bear the scars from that one even day ! )

For those who dont know who/what Compass is ( I never ),its a group of people , mainly members of the Labour Party , somewhat disillusioned with New Labour , describing themselves as the progressive Left.

( Slightly less pink than pink Labour ... at that time. )

As carers we try as many angles/avenues we can to highlight our circumstances.If this means we go to all the main parties so be it.Conservatives have their online sites for comments as do the Libs.

Some people say we are facing a crisis,many members here will agree with me that we are ALREADY in it.Time is running out quick and we need get that message across to EVERY party.

An extract from CarerWatch .... members' posting , names removed :

Hi Frances , for carers sakes , I hope you're right.

As for me , I put my " faith " in history , the past 10 years to be precise.

Make me laugh ! Will the Boys be singing the abhorrent Red Flag before the meeting kicks off ?

Pound to a penny , half of 'em won't know the words !


Posted by (North Yorkshire)
on 31 August 2007, 9:43:45 AM
Despite Paul's, entirely understandable, scepticism in this matter, I repeat my request for everybody to support Frances in her endeavours to get Compass to take the carers' situation seriously.


Posted by (Oulton Broad)
on 31 August 2007, 9:55:40 AM
Hi Dugsie - shouldn't be long ....... last few exchanges have been published verbatim within carer circles.

I've done my bit ...... let others enter this Thread ..... the Moderates ( not the Radicals ) ..... I hate to say it that , as a Grim Reaper , my " prophecies " are spot on ..... Compass being just one of them.

When traditional routes are closed blocked off , other routes are needed .... all of which are more radical than the last. For carers , the options are limited , but clear.


Posted by (Newcastle)
on 31 August 2007, 10:41:31 AM
"Hi Frances , for carers sakes , I hope you're right."

Morning Paul,I think that should have read for EVERYONES sake.As much as we try raise these issues about carers circumstances,it is not just the here and now that needs addressing but planning for the future.If Labour is to have a future they need start making steps in the right direction.

I agree with Dugsie ( hope all well with you Dugsie )in that Frances gets our full backing.

As for Compass themselves,with an article having in excess of 600 postings,can they really afford to ignore this issue.

Reading their own material explaining who and what they are,several comments jump out.

"Compass is the democratic left pressure group, whose goal is to debate and develop the ideas for a more EQUAL and democratic world, then campaign and organise to help ensure they become reality."

"Compass is open primarily to people who are eligible to be Labour members, but we constantly seek to engage with all members of society who support building a more equal and democratic world."

"A strategic political voice " which is what we need.

"A pressure group focussed on changing Labour " - is Compass going to be like their own party they wish to change?? Maybe we need a pressure group to change Compass????

Of ALL the comments made about this article and Compass themselves,the main thing lacking has been real DEBATE.We have had contributions from Compass members and carers but where is the actual debate? Where are the questions by MP's and Compass committeee members * ?

As an outsider looking in,my heart goes out to Frances,Dugsie,Jon and a few others who have shown their support.Are they to be disillusioned about the group they belong too.

( Ah , halycon days ... )

( * To be fair , I did exchange emails ( Off Compass ) with a certain backbencher at that time ... John McDonnell ... now Shadow Chancellor. )

2019 ... and a question to anyone reading this posting.

No CarerWatch in 2019.

Just who amongst the carer millions is carrying on what we started ?

Or , what we did inside CarerWatch , is now confined to history ?

Your world now ... happy / content with it ?
From the CarerWatch archive ... April 2009 ... when CarerLand was a lot different in more ways than one.

( CarerWatch did not organise this event but acted as a co-ordinator across the independently run carer forums at that time. )

At 8.10 am I gave a short radio interview on BBC Berkshire. they had contacted Carers UK as they wanted to speak
to the " Organisers of the protest ", Matt Hill gave them my contact telephone number and Fay from the BBC rang me,
as they had interviewed a lady called Maureen who is a carer for her husband and two sons.

We headed off to Trafalgar Square at around 10 am ,we had information from the police that the Tamils were still in East
Footway however we had permissions in place in case this happened and had Richmond Terrace (opp Downing Steet).

I had spent weeks sorting a venue out for our protest where we could be seen and heard and be safe, the Charing Cross /
Events Team have been fantastic. Many thanks to them.

When we arrived at Traflgar Square people where gathering, we had to wait for coaches as they had problems with
trafficand parking, and it was around 11.30/11.45 before everyone had arrived.

Bangor carers had sashes, Westminster Carers had a huge banner and balloons, Tower Hamlets had closed their carers
centre to support us all, Lambeth Carers, and Dot Gibson and pensioner carers were there with their banner !

Maggie came from Carers UK Wales, and Winvisible had a group with posters and leaflets to support us, Doncaster,
Leicester, Sutton and Reading carers all came by coach with fantastic colourful T shirts and laminated posters and
banners, quite a few individual carers came also.

We had Fintan Nichols who came to represent Princess Royal Trust For Carers Head Office, and Matt Hill and a team from
Carers UK came , and some helped as stewards.

There were some short speeches from Chris, Tony and Alex.

Our film crews Ian came from Icafe (along with Adam and a few others) he owns a mulimedia company and is a carer of
30 years and ex Cuk Trustee.

BBC London did some interviews and footage.

Amanda Dennis (tony's daughter) also took film footage. and collected more signatures for the petition. Ian and his crew
including the actress Naomi Westerman interviewed everyone from David Borrow MP to carers only to willing to tell their
stories. Many thanks to all of them. Photos and film footage will be available soon.

We gave welcome speeches, but had very little time as the police told us we could march to Richmond Terrace and they
would stop the traffic for us !!!!!

It was fantastic, everyone had their banners etc and we had quite a lot of attention.

We arrived at Richmond Terrace and the police had reserved the place for us.

We all agreed this was a far better place to be noticed, across from Dowing Street, people driving passed were honking
and nodding their heads at our banners there were loads of people walking around, and taking notice of our chanting
and banners,

it was a lovely sunny dayand everyone was laughing and having a wonderful time.

Imelda came and spoke to us all, and she was overjoyed that everyone had been able to come on the day, she is a
lovely lady and a pleasure to talk to.

The carers then " Marched " to committee room 10 where they met with MP's.

The committee handed the Petition of 3000 signatures into Downing Street.

Around 200 carers supported us on 22nd April, 2009, making history !!!

( All the films and numerous photographs of this event are now lost due to the passage of time ... and closure of the hosting sites. )

Edinburgh 2010 ... and a video :


2009 ... when the word HOPE still existed in CarerLand.

Had to smile ... the class of 2019 carers doing the same ... with both supporting organisations providing assistance ?

Still ... it's your world now ... and only you can change it !!!

22 April 2009 ... some videos :



21 Hour Rule !

Hardly a bunch of dissidents ... no hoodies ... no red or black flags ... more a group of concerned carers out for a stroll in
the sunshine ?

And ... they made the effort to be there ... futile as it was ... but that's not the point !

Even Carers UK got in the act ... published on their site ... imagine that in 2019 ???

https://www.carersuk.org/news-and-campa ... test-group

( The link to the Carers Protest Group site is dead ... unfortunately.)

Carers Trust ?

Nothing on their site ... won't find their fingerprints anywhere beyond the first hand account already posted.
Yep ... allies are starting to appear ... The Yorkie Post for one :

The Yorkshire Post says: Caring for carers – time for MPs to show goodwill.

PERHAPS the country’s 6.5 million carers should form a political movement of their own.

It might be the only way to break the inaction and inertia that now shames Britain. For, while politicians on all sides continue to argue among themselves over Brexit, the country is crying out for leadership on a range of domestic policies from the skills agenda to the social care needs of an ageing population and also disability rights.

And it is inexcusable for the Government to keep playing for time by claiming that the new Green Paper discussion document will come up with “long-term sustainable solutions” and “measures to support carers”.

Already long-overdue, this delay and dither is unsustainable when set in the context of a tweet posted by Danny Bottomley, a Leeds police community support officer, after a shift earlier this month.

“Tonight I spent 45 minutes with a vulnerable elderly gentleman with severe dementia. He was extremely grateful to have some company and someone to speak to. We had a brew together and put the world to rights. Referrals made and he even complimented me on my tea making skills,” he said.

Human kindness, and empathy shown from people like this police officer, continue to mask the failure of the major parties to reach a consensus on care policy, its future funding and how more can be done to address societal issues like loneliness, demenita – and all those left behind, or forgotten, by a political system at Westminster which has become too remote, and insular, for its own good.

The goodwill of carers, and the sacrifices they make, has been taken for granted for too long. Without them, the NHS will collapse. Leaving services to chance, and hoping for the best, is not good enough. And it is high time that Ministers and MPs recognised this reality.

GOODWILL ... strange use of the word in this context ?

Perhaps PRESS GANGED is more apt ?

As for numbers , make that 7.8 million ... old figure being used once again.

By the time that Green Paper surfaces , closer to 8 million ???

Still plenty of tin hats in the stores ... will we need to exchange them for steel helmets ???
Goodwill? No.
Moral blackmail? Yes
Time to get this one back into the minds of all forum readers.

YOUR future ... being decided for you ... without you having a say in anything !
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