CARERS STRATEGY 2019 ? All The Build Up To The Non Event Of This Decade ? A White Flag Raised Even Before It's Announced

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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Diarise forward in line with the Social Care Green Paper thread.
I'm getting so fed up with this issue, and Brexit of course, that I find myself switching off/not reading as a way of protecting myself against further frustration, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
That's the problem for the WHOLE population.

However ... no excuse for me not trying to continue to bring issues as important as this one to the attention of all readers.

No CarerWatch around today ... just me.

Perhaps ... after Brexit recedes , we shall all see the stark reality facing carers for the next generation ?

The question to then ask ... " Why did we , collectively , do nothing to prevent this abonimation ? "
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:19 am
No CarerWatch around today ... just me.
Oh ye of little faith. :o :o :shock: :P

Mmmm ... a visitation from that Geordie Boudicca again ?

Better put the Met on alert ???
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 8:03 am
Better put the Met on alert ???
In time :P , need get back in the loop

11,584 views now.

How many do we need before CUK talk to forum members about this subject, I wonder?
Perhaps our c.e.o. ... having done her homework ... will answer that one next Thursday ?

Enough unanswered CUK related matters to keep her ... and her colleagues ... busy for a month.

... and ... I am not joking.

After all , without us members chipping in , who will pay their salaries ?????????

A few beans back from the can would do us good ... for morale.
Time to bring this one back to the fore.

Timeline ... GREEN PAPER on social care ... then this one as a spin off assuming changes that will affect us ?

Your quess is as good as mine as to what will be in it.

Suffice to say , NOTHING published over the past two years or more fills me with any confidence that even a glimmer
of hope is on the horizon.

Present policies persued by BOTH supporting organisations fill me with ... not hope ... dread !

Background ?

Look no further ... the MOST IMPORTANT REPORT in our history : ... reak-36397

( The Sticky which isn't a sticky , Mods ? )

2019 ... our Lord Kitch .... all injustices and crimes against carers under one thread : ... rd%20kitch

( Calling all new readers ... Kitch needs a wash and brush up ... anything changed / missing ? And no , not a £ 15 per hour charge if you pleaae ! )

That's sets the stage ... and the clock is ticking.
It's seems to me to be like the age old adage 'God helps those who help themselves'
My husband had a monthly bill for his 4.5 hours a week care. It had gone up by 11.5 % without ANY consultation.
I emailed the County Councillor for Adult Social Care in our area. A polite but quite strongly worded expression of our disgust.
She came to visit us. Spent an hour talking through everything. She then arranged for someone to come from the Finance Dept. to do a face to face assessment with my husband. Hugely beneficial. The costs, with everything having been assessed, have gone down quite considerably and there will be a refund from April for the over charge.
We are very appreciative of the help we have been given. It is however a case of letting the 'powers that be' know that you are a person with rights and a brain and that the elderly ( if this applies to you) deserve respect and communication. As does everyone, not just the elderly! Bit sad that you have to more or less say "I'm not going away" before help is given but we did get help.
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