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CARERS STRATEGY 20XX ? All The Build Up To The Non Event Of This Decade ? A White Flag Raised Even Before It's Announced - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

CARERS STRATEGY 20XX ? All The Build Up To The Non Event Of This Decade ? A White Flag Raised Even Before It's Announced

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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Personally, I would like someone at senior level to be responsible for telling us on the forum exactly what those in charge of CUK are doing, who they are talking to, about what. Maybe every 2 weeks. Not a long report, just "we've been to see X about Y and Z is what we've agreed." It shouldn't take long.

At the moment, we don't get any regular feedback at all.
Agreed ... no " Trade Union " would act unilaterally without the majority of their members in favour ... known as democracy ... albeit somewhat flawed when one looks back a few decades ?

Regretably , things are not similar in our supporting organisations ... a case of top down and , on rare occasions , bottom up in respect of views ... policies ? ... we don't get a look in !

BB's motion for CA to rise being a prime example ... passed one minute , dropped the next ... even motions carried not binding ?

That aspect was covered , on many occasions , when carers did , indeed , have an independent voice ... CarerWatch being a leading example ... the ghost of which still echoes through some of my postings.

As it stands , readers of this forum can only watch developments as they are recorded as no " Roadshows " have been organised when compared to the Strategy of a decade ago ... outcome of one detailed in an earlier posting on this thread.

What Carers UK choose to reveal . or hide , is down to them ... meeting held in 2017 , report promised , we are still waiting ! ... we have no say in the matter.
While we all wait , with bated breathe , for further news , try this exchange in the House ... June 2008.

The Labour party were the Government of the day.
Graham Stuart Conservative, Beverley and Holderness

May I, through the Leader of the House, congratulate the Government on their new national strategy for carers and its many positive aspects, including additional funding for breaks and respite ?

However, can we have a debate on benefits for carers, so that we can discuss why the biggest issue of all was not addressed by that strategy—namely why so many carers live in poverty ?

Harriet Harman Harriet Harman Chair, Modernisation of the House of Commons Committee, Minister of State (Government Equalities Office), The Leader of the House of Commons , Member, Labour Party National Executive Committee, Party Chair, Labour Party, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

We made a commitment in the national carers strategy to keep the issue under review.

I thank the hon. Gentleman for his welcome for the strategy. It is important that there are good support services for families caring for older and disabled relatives.

It is important, too, that there is flexibility at work for those who want to hold down a job but fulfil caring responsibilities.

A survey that we undertook recently showed that only 9 per cent. of those caring for older or disabled relatives know that they have the right to request flexible working.

I hope that the hon. Gentleman will support tax credits, which help those who for whatever reason have to drop their hours to top up their income.

However, we will keep the benefits question under review. Indeed, the Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, my hon. Friend Mrs. McGuire, gave evidence on that to the Select Committee on Work and Pensions this week.

Comment by a carer :

The carers strategy was a total waste of time effort and money for 90% of carers, what carers really need is the money to be able to live day to day, and it is needed now, not in 3 or 10 years time.

If carers were given a proper working wage now it would cost the government and NHS less in the long run, fo the simple fact we would be able to look after them properly, ie with the food for proper diets the money to able to heat our properties, the cost of getting our carree`s to appointments, if we had the money to do these basic things, it would put less stain on the system, so cost less in the long run.

Comment by me ... a decade on :

Work , work , work ... needle stuck in the groove ? All 6.5 million do " Work " ... as carers !!!

Three individuals ... 2 politicos and 1 carer ... a TORY questioning the level of benefits , a PINKISH RED ( New Labour ) avoiding answering the question ???

Well , that's a real collectors' idea !!!!

If said Tory asked the same question after this year's farce of a Carers Strayegy , he would have the Party Whip withdrawn !!!

Reminded me of a quote posted in the old GENERAL ELECTION thread :

" If voting made any difference , they would make it illegal ! "

Fast forward a decade.

Only thing that will change is the political parties would have swopped benches ... and using each other's argument from a decade ago to deny an increase in finances for carers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Acid tests for the forthcoming Carers Strategy ?

In essence , just two !

In plain English :

1. How much food does it put on the table ... FINANCES.

2. How much extra support for carers will it provide ... either free or affordable ... SUPPORT.

Obviously , our Lord Kitch details all that's needed but ... for the carer army of 6.5 odd million , the above two are the essential ingredients.

Any mines anticipated ?

CA ... to be replaced through " Direct Payments from the caree " ... possibly an addition through PIP / AA ( A premium for the carer , muted on and off over the past decade ) to avoid any notion of the carer being paid ( Employment Law etc. ) ... the biggest fear expressed over a decade ago when DPs were first put on the table for discussion.

A logical approach from a Government seeking to disown itself from taking responsibilty to protect it's citizens ... leaving them to fend for themselves.

Bear in mind that ONLY 1 in 12 carers claim CA ... most ineligible through the dreaded " Overlapping Benefit Rule " or simply do not claim.

If implemented , a classic case of means testing being applied ... many will not see CA " Replaced " as the caree will be demned to be " Over the limit " ... classic smoke and mirrors job !

Any concessions ?

Only on the 21 Hour Rule ... and only IF we can get that on the table ... nobody else seems to be capable of that !

Long shot ? An additional " Carers element " being paid to carers claiming the State Pension ... 100-1 with most bookies ... more of a vote grabbing exercise ???

Conclusion ?

In the absence of the two key ingredients being addressed , said CS will be considered a total waste of everyone's time ... ???

In CarerLand , far too many know what mutton looks and tastes like ... and it sure ain't lamb !!!!!
Found this " Little " diamond in the CarerWatch archives from June 2008.

In essence , the CS then was a dead end ... carers discussing " What shall we do now ? " ... and NOT in the way the late , great , Spike Milligan ended sketches in the Q tv series !

I hope it still works !

https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/carerwa ... -t279.html

The Class of 2008 ... at it's finest when dealing with an atomic bomb which had just denotated over CarerLand ?

17 pages worth ...

End result ?

Zilch ... did anyone other than me expect otherwise ?

The System only has one weakness ... carers continuing to care ...

Exploit that and ... this Sad New World might be less " Sad " ?
Another little diamond from the last CS in 2008 ... one suggestion that had many positives.


... and yes , the fingerprints of CarerWatch members are all over the thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... arers-3168

MPs critical of personal carers' treatment.

Those caring for their family and friends deserve a better deal from the government, an influential group of MPs has admitted.

Plans are being formulated to introduce two tiers of help, with income replacement support for those unable to work, or working only part time, and additional cost compensation for those in intensive caring roles.

"Caring matters deeply to individuals, families and society in general," said Terry Rooney, chair of the committee for work and pensions, which drew up the report.

"Sustaining the ability of carers to provide the care and support they give to others is of critical importance."

Carers UK welcomed the proposals.

"The two-tier benefit recommended by the committee would be a major improvement to the current system," said Imelda Redmond, the group's chief executive.

"Carers need a separate benefit which recognises that they are not unemployed but are making an important contribution to society."

Unpaid care for relatives and friends save the public purse an estimated £87 billion every year, but many carers have to give up work, or take lower paid and part time positions.

MPs are considering plans to tailor support to those coming out of a long-term and intensive care role, who often feel their skills have become rusty and out of date.

"The committee's excellent report lays bare the extent to which carers struggle to access the support they need while carrying out one of the most valuable jobs in our society," said Paul Cann, director of policy and external relations at Help the Aged.

"Carers save our health and social care systems billions of pounds and they deserve a better deal in return."

Fast forward a decade and ... where are the similar reports of discussions leading to the 2018 version ?

None !

Hard to believe but , if they are out there , they have found very good hiding places !

Too much to ask of our own Carers UK to publish what they know ... ?

Assuming , of course , they will be invited into any discussions in the first place ?
A slight detour ... some 13,000 miles or so ... New Zealand ... with ramifications for us over 'ere :

http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1804/S ... ranted.htm

Women’s caring work taken for granted ?

To save embarrassment to the author , replace WOMAN'S to FAMILY ? ... and throughout the article ???

Women’s caring work taken for granted.

She Cares Campaign: 10 April 2018.

Unpaid carers in New Zealand are twice as likely to be female, devoting an exhausting average of 30 hours a week to caring for elderly, ill, or disabled friends and family members and suffering financially as a result – while saving the country billions of dollars.

With the launch of its new She Cares campaign, Carers NZ is calling on the Government to urgently revamp its carer payment and respite policies to help carers cope with growing responsibilities in an ageing society.

“Two thirds of New Zealand’s 420,000 family carers are women. It’s a role women have always had but today’s women are juggling a lot. They work, they care, and without support they face health risks themselves,” says Carers NZ CEO Laurie Hilsgen.

In the most recent Census in 2013, there were 272,328 unpaid female carers. Of these, 136,638 were caring for someone in their own home, while 175,839 were assisting a friend or family member living elsewhere. Some were supporting more than one person. Their efforts cost more than time, she says; family caregiving also hits women in the pocket.

“Households of unpaid caregivers typically earn 10 percent less, while the conservative economic value of their unpaid work is $10.8 billion dollars a year. That’s a big contribution. Yet women who care often can’t earn, they work below their experience and qualifications to support their families, and it’s hard to save for retirement. It’s an injustice that must change in contemporary NZ.”

These tireless female carers include women like Hamilton mum of four Shannon, whose one-year-old son Tailen has Cystic Fibrosis. Her days generally stretch from 6am to 1am, and include an intensive medication regime, two to three physio sessions, up to 30 nappy changes, and the ever-present fear of infections.

The financial and emotional pressures are immense, too; Shannon admits that she cries most days but manages to keep going for the love of her family.

“I just wish there was better access to help where needed, to be able to survive financially without constantly owing money borrowed to get through weeks when life is really tough with Tailen and he needs the things he does to survive,” Shannon says.

Carers NZ believes NZ’s overwhelmingly female force of family carers needs more practical support and is working with the Carers Alliance of 45 national not for profits to lobby for financial and other improvements.

As well as economic support, women carers need regular breaks to recharge, programmes to support their own wellbeing, and the chance to live ordinary lives, Hilsgen says.

Reminding women carers of the need to look after themselves is a key aim of She Cares through free infopacks, wellbeing prize draws, and initiatives such as the upcoming Lumino Day that will provide women carers with free oral health visits at Lumino dental clinics across the country.

Government is taking steps to better support carers with a new five year Action Plan for the CarersStrategy. The Carers Alliance is encouraging an ambitious Plan that addresses areas that were off the table with the previous National Government, notably paying family carers with intensive responsibilities for their work.

“If you have to give up your job to care you still have mouths to feed and bills to pay. Current payment policies are not addressing the modern challenge of how to support people at home. Lifespans are longer, living costs are higher, and family carers are saying enough – we can’t keep going if we’re not valued.”

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni were quick to send good wishes for She Cares, the PM on the same day she announced her pregnancy, saluting women carers for their “vital contribution” to the country, families, and society.

“Too often, we don’t consider how important this work really is, or the sacrifices many women make to be there for people they love and care about in their times of need.”

Individual carers and groups can order free She Cares infopacks by phoning 0800 777 797, by emailing centre@carers.net.nz, or learn about the campaign at she-cares.org.

Organisations and workplaces can order bulk infopacks for carers.

Apart from the obvious " Mistake " on the gender issue , could have been written by any UK author on conditions in the UK ?

What's interesting is the SAME problems ... in essence , the use of a " Willing " army of slave labourers ( Sorry , family carers ) to save the System going into meltdown.

The only " Positive " thing coming out of this article is the sense that we are not alone ... the System that enslaves 6.5 million of us prevails in other countries as our carer cousins in New Zealand have found.

An International movement of carers ?

There's an European coallition , of sorts , for our supporting organisations which , so far , have provided interesting junkets for those attending but precious little else.

In any event , the Europeans would be split on " Religious grounds " ( Different approaches to family caring ) if ever a concensus was needed.

Family carers of the world unite !

Interesting but ... given the apathy of the UK arm , a mere pipedream.
I have suggested to Carers UK that they take the issue of Carers Allowance to the Equality Commission, as I believed that most carers were female, only to be told that the proportion of women isn't that much greater???
From elsewhere on this site :
1 in 8 adults (around 6.5 million people) are carers

By 2037, it's anticipated that the number of carers will increase to 9 million.
Every day another 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility – that equals over 2 million people each year.
58% of carers are women and 42% are men.
Over 1 million people care for more than one person.

As for the 58 / 42 split , hasn't identifying carers in the first place been a major issue , both in the past , and now ?

Historically , I would agree with BB assumption ... female carers far outweigh male carers ... ???

If one can only identify around 1 in 12 , stretching 1 into 12 is a little too simple ?

9 million would be my lowest estimate ... much will depend on any moves to recombine the NHS with social care ... thus liberating a few hundred thousand of the carer army.

Throw in the reprocussions of Brexit , and an uncertain economic future ( Especially growth in GDP ... a saviour for many past Governments ) , perhaps 11 million would be more realistic ?

Having said that , do I really believe that ANY Government will take on the responsibility of protecting it's most vunerable citizens ???
Now synchronised with the JEREMY HUNT GREEN PAPER thread.

Would be odd if one happened separately to the other ?
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