Carers Must Get Militant ! Says A Non Carer ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Get ready to man / woman / those of indeterminate gender the barricades !

* Bleep * political correctness again ! ... -says.html

Okay prof , where the * bleep * hell were you in 2009 ?

Nothing original in the article beyond this prof being known in carer circles.

In essence , if more like him in his privleged position had sat up and took an interest in independent carer affairs in 2009 , the outcome might , just might , have been different.

Nothing wrong in his sentiment but , despite the continuing pogrom , carers today are simply not
interested in fighting back , either by words or actions.

Therein lies a paradox.

If I saw a steamroller coming , I would try to get out of the way.

Although not a steamroller , the effects of the pogrom can be just as devastating.

One old one covered in years of dust ?
Carers have only their chains to the system to loose.

Even then , some carers were asking ... What chains ? ".

I rest my case.
For a change , a You Tube video ... Prof. Luke Clements :

Carers and Human Rights.