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Carers meeting Ivan Lewis -Carers UK Forum

Carers meeting Ivan Lewis

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
I'd just like to wish Wendy and all the delegation of carers meeting Ivan Lewis, all the best today. It's not easy to come forward and put your views to a minister.

There's a news piece on our website, adapted from an article in Wendy's local paper.
http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... 1209484481

If anyone wants any info on how to contact MPs www.writetothem.com is a good website.

I hope they were all able to have their say and look forward to reading some feedback.
Well done to Wendy for getting the meeting, let's hope they got some positive feedback to their questions.

Paula xx
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He is going to make changes on some things that were found to be not working.
Is that not working in the governments eyes Wendy or ours.Can you give an example?
What sort of things were discussed?

Can you pass our thanks on to all those from Chill who attended with you.
well done wendy and the other members of chill
looking forward to reading all about it
thanks so much for doing this for all carers.

Well done Wendy. I'm sure that all the carers using this board would like to know what Ivan Lewis promised especially in the light of the forthcoming announcement, perhaps when you have a spare moment you could give us more information, I'm sure that we're all grateful for what you and your members have achieved. Well done again.
Please don't think I am ignoring this, I will reply as soon as I can.
I still have this rotten chest infection, and I am trying to post something on chill and get ready for tomorrow with the Shadow Health Minister.
Your words have meant a great deal to me and the others that met with the minister.
I will asap, sorry I am late, but I promise I will.
Good luck with the meeting tomorrow Wendy - hope you're feeling better soon.

Paula xx
Maybe you will know already these two points that we raised, but here they are if not.
1.I spoke about the difficulties for carers in rural areas and I asked when will be getting the 24 phone helpline, the answer is not until at least the middle of next year.

2.The New Deal for Carers is not yet finalised and it will be announced in the summer. The findings will last for the next 10 years.

Mr Lewis listened and answered our questions but there were too many topics raised for me to mention on here.
One of the main points of interest is the way that a carer has to cope with officialdom after a loved one dies. There are to be changes made.
All I can suggest is that you read the review in the Yours magazine. I am sorry about this, but I really am afraid of saying things out of hand. Money was raised, respite, housing, carers assessments, etc, mostly we told him the difficulties that carers face every day in 2008. We told him we want change for the better.

Thank you Paula for your words of encouragement about tomorrow, I am not going alone but with other carers.
Rosmary and Parsifal I will pass on your thanks to the carers that did this for us, they had done their research well before the meeting.
We tried our best, and after tomorrow, we will be waiting to see what you can do. I am always willing to help, but I don't think I could do it again.
I really must say how comfortable Mr Lewis and his staff made us feel after our long journeys. He really wants to know about the struggles that carers face.
So now its your turn.
Thank you.