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carers in Bradford West Yorkshire

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
hi all,

the power that be have decided to put the carers support services out to tender... myself and a group of carers what to bid for this....we need help, has anyone been through this...are there any carers or past carers who can help...are there any carers in the Bradford area who would like to join the group if so drop me a line......
We are a group of carers and past carers living in the Bradford Metropolitan District who want to work together for self support and recognition.

Action 4 Carers, Bradford & District, aim to:

Take a lead in representing carers in Bradford District
Campaign on issues important to carers
Get involved in discussions on local and national issues to make a difference
Promote to the public and professionals who carers are, and what help is available to them
Aim to influence Government changes for carers e.g. the new National Strategy for Carers
Help carers be involved in decisions on local services
Provide a single central Carers Support Service in Bradford District
2008 will see changes locally and nationally for Carers services and support. We want Bradford carers to be in the forefront of influencing those changes and on providing support.

We feel now is the time to set up a new District wide-service led by Bradford Carers. We acknowledge and are grateful for existing services from both Carers Connection Bradford and Airedale Carers Resource.
Hi steve,

Best of luck with your application. Just wanted to let you know that Carers UK has a project called Equal Partners which provides information and training for carers wanting to change local services. you can find out more about it here.