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I feel utterly sick about all the worry - Carers UK Forum

I feel utterly sick about all the worry

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Hello, I am a carer of my Husband, and he is 65 in november, unable to work and is deaf, partially sighted in both eyes, also suffers from chronic Osteo-arthritis of the spine, hips & knees. And reading through the welfare reform the gov want to cut 20 per cent from allowances. !! Surely this will push many people into poverty? We already are in Fuel poverty as we are spending 10 per cent of our income on fuel bills. Where of where is all this going to end. Please advise. Thank-you regards amandah
I only wish we knew where it would all end, but I've a nasty feeling it will involve a lot of uneccessary stress and hardship Image
I'm just looking at your post and thinking, well, all the bad stuff that everyone else spends sleepless nights worrying about has already happened to you, so the only way is up!
Actually (and slightly more seriously for once) the age of 65 is fairly crucial, because all the attacks on benefits are focused on those of working age, once past 65 the situation becomes more stable and settled, and this year pensioners have benefited from a sensible inflation-indexed rise. But it is worthy ensuring that your husband is getting the highest possible rate of DLA before he reaches 65, because some of this continues past retirement age.
As you are only 55, you are still relatively young and it might be worth requesting a carers assessment and help with sitting or other regular respite, to enable you to get a p/t job. Lots of us here found new careers well into our fifties, you wouldnt be the first.
Hello, Thanks for your reply. As I am on carers allowance, I have to be careful with the amount I can earn. My Husband needs me around so I cant get a part time job. As I am his carer.We also have tenants in a granny flat. And they pay a rather pathetic sum £800 per week to include all the bills etc,except council tax. So there is little we can do. I have already had a carers assessment. And hubby does not want to go into respite care as we have two small dogs and we want to be together. Regards amandah
amandh, respite doesn't always have to mean that your caree goes in to a home for a short period.
I have some one come and sit with my hubby twice a week (for four hour each time) so that I can get out for a break. Maybe something like that would be more suitable
it is more ok for those over 65 but for the rest under 65 like my mum then we have have a fight on our hands, now
Thanks for the replys everyone. I just wish that this government would stop messing around with us carers and allowances as well. Its really causing sleepless nights. But guess we will put up with it. regards amandah