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Carers Concerns. - Carers UK Forum

Carers Concerns.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
What issues do you worry about in relation to the budget and the proposed cuts?
Are there any issues that you think may work to your advantage?
clearly a lower income would damage me and will push me into debt. i have thought about this alot and can see no positives in the budget.
I don't know your individual situation but wonder if there are any specific issues that you think might directly effect you?
Personally as we have a spare bedroom I am very concerned about the proposed changed to HB in 2013 which would reduce our HB- simply couldn't afford to make up the difference between HB and rent - heaven knows what will happen to us!
i dont wish to go into much details on my sitution due to previous attiudes towards me etc(not on here thou) but yes boggle the hb cuts will hurt me as i will lose some of that under the new rules. not by choice i would be happy to have had a one bed flat from my council however under the law i had too have a 2 bedroom one. so now i have to suffer because of the law. and this is suppose to fair i dont think so
Fair is not a word that readily springs to mind in relation to the way carers are treated!

I can understand the concerns of carers in paid employment who may find themelves forced to give up work if support packages are reduced - and those who have been trying to work towards taking up paid employment who may now find this impossible.

None of that is fair as it restricts opportunity.

The continued lack of recognition and action from the government in regard to the income of carers who are unable to work is another aspect of the unfair attitudes towards carers.

The current economic situation is not a reason to continue unfairness - the budget was promoted as firm but fair - was it hell !!!!!!!
The poor economic situation will make care work increasingly attractive and will help improve the supply of new recruits. This happens every time there is a recession, and reduces the reliance on imported care-workers from overseas. It also helps control spiralling prices, and this has been a problem in many areas.
The evidence is that many of the new recruits will make a life-long career of it, because even though it isnt well paid initially it is a highly rewarding occupation and has good opportunties for career progression and training.
in some cases that maybe true however councils will cut care staff to safe wages and therefore only private companies will supply staff at higher costs therefore cost carers more money, therefore more loss's for carers..

back to the topic.. it will long term cost me my home with this cuts in hb. thats before they start on the rest of the benefits
Well, thats not how I see it, the thread started with an appeal for both sides of the coin, and history shows it to be true that recession encourages recruitment and reduces spiralling costs. Is your cup half empty or half full?
A year ago, some people here were complaining that they couldn't afford to pay for care assistants because costs were spiralling out of control and the quality was so poor - workers were changing every week.
Paul - that is our worry too. The risk to many carers and the people they care for from this will be that if the only way out is eviction then they will end up renting in the private sector.
This will have further effects:
1) The cost of renting in the private sector is higher so for example moving from a 3 bedroomed property with a HB claim of £95 per week (social housing) to a private sector two bedroomed property with a HB claim of £180 per week will cost more in benefit payments!
2) The new property may not be suitable for the person being cared for and this will mean adaptations being applied for - more cost to the councils!
3) Most properties in the private sector have only 6 or 12 month contracts - landlords can refuse to renew the contract - maybe they will want to sell, maybe they have an offer of more rent from somebody else etc - this could result in many carers and the people they care for becoming invisible and transient - missing out on the services they need due to having to move frequently at short notice.

So - this is not just unfair it has also been poorly thought out.
I've already noticed that housing is becoming more affordable, both for buyers and renters, and thats a good thing for everyone. And another benefit has been that skilled labour for jobs around the home - plumbers, joiners, electricians, tilers, decorators, is now becoming affordable again. Yes, all in all I think there are significant benefits that will flow from the overdue readjustment of the inflated property boom. Shame that of course there are winners and losers from this. The main losers being the skilled tradesmen, many of whom were earning in excess of £40k P.A. on the back of the boom - at our cost.