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Carers Bromley under threat

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Surprised to see that nobody has posted about this yet:

https://www.carersbromley.org.uk/news/p ... lease.html
Unfortunately , in the Internet age , it all depends where said news is posted ... so far , none of the nationals have picked it up ... I assume the local newspaper will run it ?

Link to the local rag :


Ah .... a report !

Carer support service in St Mary Cray could close in six months.

A change in the way carers are supported by the council means a St Mary Cray charity could go bust in the next six months.

Carers Bromley supports 5,500 residents who are voluntarily looking after loved ones, friends or neighbours, but a new partnership introduced by the council means it’s funding could be cut.

Bromley Third Sector Enterprises has combined local branches of national organisations such as Age UK, Mind, Citizens Advice Bureau and Mencap together with Community Links Bromley to join-up the borough’s services.

Set up 26 years ago, Carers Bromley was due to become part of the partnership, but ultimately pulled out.

Lynne Powrie, chief executive of the charity said: “We were originally a part of the BTSE, but we realised we could not sign on to the partnership without risking insolvency. Legally we could not sign on for this reason.

“All the monies that had been granted to each partner have been put in to a pot, once we left we thought we’d still get our own funding, but Bromley council have confirmed that won’t happen.

“Because we’re not a part of this scheme, we could lose around £500,000 a year in funding.

“We’ve got enough money in reserves for another six months, but we desperately need care funding so we can keep providing support and activities for carers.

“There are plenty of carers out there needing a lot of help, but without fresh funding we won’t be able to provide that help.”

Jane Palmer, a carer for her disabled husband, said: “The decision by the council is beyond comprehension, all the expertise that Carers Bromley has will be lost. We don’t know what will happen next.”

A spokesperson for Bromley council and NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said, “Bromley Council and CCG have not stopped funding carers services, but have changed the way they are provided.

“To achieve best value for money, quality and joined up services for our residents, we jointly retendered carers’ support with a range of other complementary preventative services when existing contracts ended.

“The new arrangements will be in place from October 1 and involve a consortium of providers including Bromley’s local Age UK, Mind, Citizens Advice Bureau, Mencap and Community Links. Carers Bromley were originally part of this consortium but subsequently decided not to take part in the new contract.

“We are very excited about how services will now be made available to carers in the borough and over the next few weeks will be providing more information on the new name for our ‘one-stop-shop,’ as well as about the full range of services on offer.”

Make of this what you will ... combining resources seems to be the ideal way forward ... including the local food bank / CAB / Shelter ... a " One stop shop " ... expertise to handle all but the most complex problems.

And yet , here is a clear failure ... what's the real reason ?

£ 500,000 mentioned in funding ... run by volunteers ( ? ) ... seems something's fundamentally wrong down there ... how many carer centres receive that level of funding ... and just how are those monies being spent / what actual services are being provided ?

Some local branches of Shelter started off in squats , with an old kitchen table , orange boxes and a telephone kiosk some 30 / 40 yards away for outside communications together with " Runners ".

And ... they were effective !

How times change ... ?

Questions need to be asked .... on second thoughts ... where is the accountability in the social care sector ?

A centre run by others for carers or ... a centre run by the actual carers ?

From direct experience , that difference usually makes all the difference in the world to the carers on the manor.

One to keep an eye on ....
One month to go before the threathened closure.

No news recently posted on the Internet.

Any whispers or updates ?
OMG, I just moved back to Bromley, having been away for almost 4 years and I find that support for carers is non-existent. Bromley Well might as well be called Bromley Hell, tried speaking to them and they're useless. In Medway, where I spent the last 4 years, Carers First operate and they are wonderful. So I moved from the area with so much support to the one with none. I feel totally hopeless and helpless.
The Carers Bromley web site makes no mention of any developments since the very first posting :


Are they still functioning ?

Or , now a " Zombie " outfit ?
Curiosity again ... how can a local carers centre need a grant of £ 500k per annum to operate ???

( If somebody gave me a mere £ 500 to assist with what I have started in Worksop , I would donate £ 495 in food and other essentials to the foodbank , keep the spare £ fiver in a tin marked " Foodbank " in case of any expenses needed for the remainder of this year ! ).

Site link posted in the last thread hangs ... presumably down ?

Internet search reveals one calling itself Bromley Well :


Launched in October 2017 ... a phoenix arising from the ashes ?

Seems to be just one part of a greater whole ... all services under one roof ?

Hallelujah !

Anyone live on the manor who can fill in some gaps since the original poster started this thread on 25 September 2017 ?

Or , perhaps , more curiously , why that £ 500k was needed ???

What do the locals make of it ... after all , it's was THEIR monies ???