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Well l will tell what has happened to me was offered a small secretariai job on computer and as i am on long term incapacity benefit and mums official reg carer fr people that dont know of my situation mum is terminal with cancer ex nursing sister for 45 years.

I phoned the dwp benefits enquiry line ps i do not get income support top up just my long term incapacity benefit they told me l am allowed to earn £20 per week and as i get help with rent and council tax that is all i am entitled to earn for as many hrs as i want the hrs are very flexable from a very good friend but l want to be legal and not doggy ground even though mps are crooked.

so anyway was also told that anything over the £20 threshhold i would either loose part of my council tax and housing benefit but if l did not have those benefits could earn £93 per week without effecting my long term incapacity.

called my local mp office and explained this to ming campbell pa in office in cupar fife and told him the problem he said thats just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to policy about benefits which involve unpaid carers and didsbled people the system does not work and we need change now there is not incentive to go back to work if that is the care my case rests me lord. kenneth hill now fife thanx commetx people
I don't trust all this incentive back to work, or as Cameron says making work, work because it screams to me reducing benefits as they are now so there is no alternative but to work.
My local conservative candidate called last Thursday evening. Quite stunned actually - we haven't had doorstep canvassing from any of the parties since 1997 in our street - Tories are really going for it this time Image

Anyhoo - I asked about carers allowance being unfit for purpose, got a non-answer for a response Image
Moved swiftly on to carers back to work and he perked up considerably. I asked how carers would be supported both emotionally, practically(ie workshops) and financially if their caring came to and end and they could think about working again - response was that carers should be better supported for period of 3-6 months to allow for transition from carer to employee - but didn't say how.
I asked him if that period was long enough and pointed out that many carers have been caring for a very long time and the transition from full-time carer to ordinary human being will be a massive change; and how much financial support would be available. Got a non-reponse to that too Image
He DID say though - and very telling it was too - that obviously it wouldn't do carers any favours if in those 3-6 months they received enough money to make them consider NOT returning to work.

I asked if all his comments were his personal opinions or the party line and he said "party policy".

Make of that what you will, but it's certainly given me food for thought!
Yep, that makes sense, the incentive back to work will be really low benefits across the board most likely, and the conservatives are just the people to do it.
I don't buy all this unsung hero nonsense they think we would all be better placed getting ourselves back out to work and our carees can just put up with whatever the alternative will be for them, after all the Cameron's didn't stop working when Ivan was born, nor the Browns with their child, easy to forget being loaded makes a major difference when you are seriously wealthy.
... the Cameron's didn't stop working when Ivan was born, nor the Browns with their child, easy to forget being loaded makes a major difference when you are seriously wealthy.
Absolutely agree with you Vicky. Even though both men have experienced similar emotional struggles as we carers have, especially upon tragically losing their children at very young ages, they STILL cannot say, hand on heart, that they understand the financial deprivation that can result from taking on a caring role; and therefore cannot appreciate the emotional and psychological impact of poor NHS and local government services that we are subjected to on a daily basis.
Both leaders have been sheltered from the 'coal face' reality of a carers life by virtue of who and what they are - no matter what they all say about how much they understand - they never will so will be unable to make our lot better in a way we need it to be.
All we'll ever get is what they THINK we need, based on their distorted experiences. They fail repeatedly to understand that their life as a carer didn't even come close to the experiences of the majority.

Makes me want to weep sometimes - how do we get these men to REALLY understand?
And even at their worst times, when their children died,they did not have to be worried sick about where the money for a coffin and funeral was coming from, and how they were going to feed their families over the next few months while they paid for it. Even at the most awful emotional time of my life, I had no idea how we would pay for everything that came with Rhys's death.(including something to wear for my son's funeral).
Oh Lazydaisy, Image

I feel your pain so much. Nobody will ever understand the pain and despair you are going through due to bereavement of your child. In my view this needs to be highlighted more in society in general because death and dying is pushed under the carpet so to speak.

I would like to appeal to every carer out there to put themselves in your shoes and contemplate how they would deal with this situation and have only having 8 weeks to put their life back together following the bereavement of their loved one...
Thank you Entity.
I did forget to add that I had a lot of support from friends on the forum,and we did, after a battle, get a funeral grant, which pays less than half the cost of the funeral. I almost gave up on it,preparing to use our credit card and pay it off over a couple of years, but support from here enabled me to go on.
Lazy Daisy - they will never understand! I don't think anybody who hasn't experienced the long term reliance on benefits that many carers are forced into will ever truly understand - it's a bit like the people who break an ankle and then claim that after six weeks in plaster they KNOW what it is like to be disabled - and will happily say that to somebody who has spent a lifetime using a wheelchair or having a learning disability etc. Some years ago I had a problem with my arms (suspect it resulted from a virus) that made a lot of things very difficult to do - eventually it improved but I would never claim that this gave me first hand knowledge of the problems of disability. These days I am getting older and my wrists can give problems sometimes (oh I love the benefits of the hot wax treatments - managed to get a wax bath thingy for a reasonable price on ebay) but I wouldn't claim that this gives me knowledge of disability.
So in much the same way those who do not face our financial problems will never truly understand or have knowledge of our situations. There was an interesting series on TV recently where MPs went to live with people for a short time - maybe a similar exercise where EVERY MP has to live with a carer for a month would make them think a bit but it sure as hell wouldn't give them an inkling of understanding - they would know that they would be returning to their cushy life at the end of the month.
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