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Carers Assessments : Some Feedback - Carers UK Forum

Carers Assessments : Some Feedback

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Interesting report originating from Healthwatch Essex on the outcome of carer assessments.

Note ... survey sample is small ( 79 ) but should not detract too much from the initial findings from

Report is in pdf format , will open within a pdf reader like Adobe if it is installed :

http://www.healthwatchessex.org.uk/wp-c ... INALv2.pdf

An interesting report containing feedback from those who have had a carers assessment.

Plenty of guidance available on carers assessments on the net but , actual feedback from carers difficult
to find unless buried in other reports.
I have just read most of that, thank you.

I really think many social workers give bad advice or wrong and false advice.

There needs to be an Independent Complaints organisation, I think.
Colin, I absolutely agree. Or maybe an independent organisation responsible for doing the assessment and then making sure they do what the assessment recommends. My son's needs assessment is OK, nothing significantly wrong with it. The problem is that the people who are supposed to meet those needs are completely incompetent. Take this week for example, the person who does the shopping buys FOUR chicken fillets, six sausages, and some frozen breaded haddock. Staff cook the haddock and oven chips one day. Next day staff ignore all the food in the fridge and buy mince to make spaghetti b. So by Friday, sausages out of date, chicken out of date, plus strawberries, out of date. All unopened!!! In total, there was £15 worth of lovely food out of date. I brought it home, cooking it well, and making some good meals of course, rather than chuck it in the bin, but still a waste. What's wrong with a £3-£4 chicken which would feed one person comfortably for a few days?
Nothing wrong with buying a whole chicken. But wouldn't be so awful if they had actually used he chicken fillets would it. All sorts of quick and easy meals could have been made. Chicken and pasta bake. There is even chicken Bolognese. I'm sure we could all think of something rather than waste! I didn't realise it was hard to wash strawberries ohum !
When M and I are together strawberries and raspberries (a half used £3.50 packet of those too!) don't last long. That's the saddest part of all, that they just can't be bothered.
BB, in my authority, when I was once a county councillor, they had. Rota for councillors to make visit to various social service establishments . I suggest you try to contact a councillor on the Opposition party and express your oncerns about this establishment and ask whether they can visit it and see or themselves how it is run
When Rob was alive and my husband and I had a carers assessment it was totally pointless as they told us they had no money and we would simply be marked down as "unmet need".

Colin, M lives alone in a privately rented flat, with carer support, so it isn't an "establishment" as such. This sort of "supported living" is flavour of the month at the moment, especially after the Winterbourne View scandal, but honestly, it's just problem after problem.
Hi Bb
Is there any merit in pointing out that their mismanagement and lack of sensible budgeting is in fact a serious misuse of public money as M is on benefits?
Just a thought
Results from 7,000 odd carers ( Roughly 1 in 930 ) ... pages 16 / 17 from the State of Caring 2017 report :

http://www.carersuk.org/for-professiona ... eport-2017

Makes interesting reading if only from the numbers stated.

By contrast , how many of the 6 million do not even know Carers Assessments exist ?