Image Having had to give up a full time job to care for my disabled child, i am not only struggling with the streses and strains of being a carer but financially too
Having the constant worry of where the next penny will come from has detrimental effects on the entire family and i am now at risk of losing my home.
How can the government justify the insulting amount they pay us to do a 24 hour job 7 days a week?
What happened to minimum wage, are we not worthy of that?
If i had my son put into care (which i would never do) it would cost the authorities far more than what they pay us carers.
I love my son dearly and would not want anyone else to do the job i do but as a person who is unable to work i have a right, as do many others to be able to afford to live and the final insult came when i recently discovered that carers allowance is means tested, whats that all about?