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SNP ministers have asked to study the full “financial implications” of topping up carer’s allowance by £600 a year before putting their manifesto promise to do so into effect.

Newly released minutes show Social Security Angela Constance asked her Westminster counterparts in February for time to study the cost and timing of implementing the policy.

However increasing carer’s allowance to the same rate as jobseeker’s allowance remained a “key priority” for the Scottish Government, she said.

Scottish Labour yesterday urged the SNP to set out it plans to hike Carer’s Allowance, which is now claimed by 69,848 Scots compared to 48,300 in 2010.

Those qualifying must give at least 35 hours of care a week to a person on disability benefit.

All the Holyrood parties have promised to increase the benefit from £62.70 a week to match the £73.10 of Jobseeker’s Allowance, with the Greens advocating £93.15 per week.

Depending on how the change is applied, the Scottish Parliament has calculated the additional cost to the Scottish Budget could be between £38m and £443m a year.
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Interesting ... a short term solution to a longer term problem ?

Welcomed for those that receive CA.

How about CA eligibilty ?

Especially the " 21 Hour Rule " for starters , then the classification as a " Benefit " which ceases to paid out once the stae retirement pension kicks in !

Even larger problem ? Identifying all 6 million carers , and then ensuring that whatever benefits / allowances / support comes their way as a " Right " enshrined in Law , and not needing to be enforced through the Law !!!!!!!!

The last thing any carer wants is to be told that there " Rights " under something like the Care Act only to discover that he / she needs to consult with a lawyer if the LA refuse under a " Should / could / would " type defence ... and take action on their own !!!

That should be the responisibilty of those who worded the Act , not the poor carers seeking to rely on it.

Still , nobody takes responsibility when things go wrong in CarerLand.

Buy anything from a shop , take it home , and it doesn't work. Take it back for a replacement or get your money back.

Doesn't work like that in Carerland.

After all , they don't survive / live in CarerLand.

Why should they care ? Month end pay cheque is all that matters to them.

Pathetic !
Occasionly , I chuckle to meself when reading one or two articles.

Feedback received by the Scottish Government on Carers Allowance ... February 2017

181 ... yes , 181 ... feedbacks , already for exploration !

I dread to think if feedback from some carers surviving in the former industrial areas is not amongst those being washed through the system ?

Just a taster :

Many supported this increase to the same level as Jobseeker's Allowance, but still had some reservations, mainly that this level of benefit would still be too low.

A few respondents felt that the Jobseeker's Allowance level would not reflect the amount of work involved as a carer, and the fact that carers are already doing a full time caring role that prevents them looking for paid employment.

There was some concern that the proposed increase still fell significantly below the minimum wage and living wage (at just over £2 an hour).

A few wished to the see the Scottish Government choosing to use tax raising powers to increase the resources available, and to help lift many carers out of poverty.

A more poignant :

"The poverty rate climbs the more hours per week spent caring."

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Comments / observations of interest as one passes the first table.

If one ignores the level of feedbacks , actually quite a good read.

Somebody is playing the same tune as me :

Consultation with carers

7.60 A few respondents said that consultation with carers was the best way to find out how best to achieve a better alignment between a future Scottish Carer's Benefit and other devolved services.

These respondents felt that consultation should take place with carers, people who are cared for, those delivering carer's support services and any relevant partner agencies.

"The ethos adopted throughout the development of the strategy should be that carers should be partners in the plan."

One Parent Families Scotland

No doubt , anymore news since February 2017 , would be welcomed , especially from our Scottish readers.