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Carer comment

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I regularly chat on facebook with a friend I made on holiday aged 13. Her granny and mine were best friends. Her family think it hilarious when we go down memory lane.

Take care
Care workers, care assistants........just NOT carers.
With referece to the article
There are quite a few nasty comments – makes me wonder if some of these paid care workers are cut out to attend to sick, elderly frail, disabled and vulnerable people. Image

I agree with your dad Meg, I felt like I was living in a German concentration camp in our own home had to be up at 5:30 am, 11:45 am, 6 pm, 10:30 pm, seven days a week for a year, to let the carers in to attend to my bedridden mum. A couple of them were bloody little Hitler’s that was until I put them in their place!
These are just a few titles advertised on the jobseekers site
Care assistant
Home carer
Home care worker
Carer personal assistant
Community home carer
Care support worker
Healthcare assistants
Domiciliary carer
Personal care assistant
Health care assistant
Not forgetting 'apprenticeship carer at £2.50 an hour'

My choice would be paid care workers to distinguish them from unpaid family carers
Entity, I found myself getting cross and agitated about the comments, so I have stopped looking at them and responding now.
Me too, GrannyDaisy xxx

Wish I was an 'apprenticeship carer' on £2.50 an hour. Sounds like a million £s to us (£2.50 an hour).
One of our local care homes has an advert for volunteers but their list of duties is very similar to those I performed as a paid care assistant 15 years ago when I received the princely sum of 5 quid an hour.

Take care
Being paid £5 an hour, was a goal to be aimed for in those days (I know).

And going up to 5K a year, was absolutely ownderful.