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Carer comment

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Hello All

BBC News website, headlines about poor care for the elderly in their homes.

Many references to carers 'reading the paper' and 'not caring' etc etc etc

I've had another go at them and left a 'comment' in their comments box, about the term CARERS being used in respect of agency workers etc. YET AGAIN................. I am forever doing this. I have so far not had any of my 'comments' published up on the site, but will keep trying.
Yeah i saw this and was shouting at the telly - prompting hubby to say they can't hear you Eun. I am constantly emailing the Daily Heil when they do the same thing.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOO - I don't think they liked my comment about workers being called carers, cos I can't find it in all the 261 comments. Typical thing, no such thing as a paid carer etc. Drives me up the wall and it's my mission to get people edd-yuca-edd.
If you have facebook, post the article to your wall and start the comments there. Often the papers take more notice of that than the direct approach.

Take care

ps I even correct our local homecare staff when I meet them in the bakers and they are banging on about how busy it is being a carer...........no you are a homecarer and get paid for it. I am a CARER! in the true sense of the word.
Meg,have you seen Carers UK Facebook page?There seem to be a few paid care staff using it now,and calling themselves carers,I correct them when I notice.
I will have a look. Haven`t found that page yet. Still quite a virgin facebooker!

Take care
I love Facebook Meg. Last week I was talking to someone from the town I grew up. She is 20 years older than me and has lived in Devon for years, but turns out she was best friends with one of my cousins, when they were in school,and she remembers my late Dad just starting out as a cadet in the Merchant Navy.
Out of interest
What should they be called ?
my son's agency staff call themselves care workers.
My dear old dad has given all his homecarers "Mafia numbers".......says they torment him worse than the Germans did in his Stalag.

I am Mafia1..........of course!

Take care