I was wandering through Sainsburys earlier this evening and this caught my eye. (I didnt buy it I dont buy the trashy celebrity junk. I prefer a more intelligent read) but i did skim through the article and its about a young woman caring for her mum.
She tried to run her caring role alongside a £6 an hour supermarket job but it wasnt workable as she kept having to take time off at short notice.
No mention in the article of Carers Allowance so theyve not made it known if she was eligible for it or not.
However it does say that the escorting fits much better around her caring role as she can earn MORE money in a SHORTER space of time.
Much more could have been made of how hard it is for carers in the workplace. And they could have at least touched on the benefits side of it.
She does say that her confidence is low and that being "wanted" by these men makes her feel good.
I just think this article seems to have been done in a sensationalist way and it could have been better.