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Care home residents deprived of liberty in record numbers - Carers UK Forum

Care home residents deprived of liberty in record numbers

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If the Government ever decides to pay carers a " living wage " , how many potential carers would be tempted to care for an elderly parent .... thus earning a wage and reducing the cost of care to the taxpayers.

A " win win " situation that could have been introduced when social care was divorced from the NHS aeons ago.

Seems like someone missed a trick ... pay someone £ xxx per week thus saving 2 / 3 times that amount
somewhere else ?

Be interested to see if this idea appears somewhere in the archives on the site ?
I proposed 12 years ago at an AGM that the Carers Allowance was raised to equate to a minimum wage. There has been a lot on the news about slavery in the UK recently. We are surely the most abused people in society? Not all carers are allowed to receive Carers Allowance. The young, students, and those over 65 are not eligible. Those who are entitled to it must work 35 hours as a carer to qualify - only it's not called "work" when we do it. It's only "work" if we need help. Then the person providing the help can call it "work". If you care for two people, you still only qualify for one lot of CA. If you have enough energy left to work, then your CA gets taken away from you, even when you are still providing 35plus hours a week. And of course you have no entitlement to sick pay or holiday pay or even a holiday. WE are the slaves of the 21st century!
bowlingbun wrote: WE are the slaves of the 21st century!
Sort of! I guess I look at my family responsibilities as 'till death us do part' to a large extent: I didn't pay my parents to be raised by them, and I don't charge my kids either, so it is pay forward - family life is a good example of a sort of mutual assurance, when it works properly. However, these days families are smaller, so the burden of caring often falls heavily on one individual, and that is clearly the last straw that breaks the camels back. We have both been around for a while, and used professional care when required. So, I see it ideally as a partnership, but at present the power is all withe the State, so some form of Carers Salary looks to me inevitable as our population ages, because we cannot afford to maintain so many people in nursing homes and home care by relatives is much kinder and more cost effective.
Carers Salary - I like that idea. You make the case very well in one sentence too.
You'll recall that the council wouldn't allow me to have any DLA for Owen's support for the time he's with me "because you receive Carer's Allowance,which is for Owen's benefit".
In despair,I eventually referred to my CA as my "wage" and the council sent a copy of the email to my city councillor and my MP,Tristram Hunt.Hunt's man told me over the telephone how disgusted Tristram was that a parent "could want a wage for looking after his son" and they told me never to try to contact him again for support on the matter.Tristram Hunt regularly writes about poverty in the local paper.He's against it.He receives more than £60,000 a year for working,part-time,as an MP.