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Carers UK Forum • Care Home Inspections ? Oh Dear .... CQC Report
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Care Home Inspections ? Oh Dear .... CQC Report

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:30 am
by Chris From The Gulag
Guardian for this one :

https://www.theguardian.com/social-care ... t-scrutiny

Care home inspections are not fit for purpose. Providers need support, not more scrutiny

Inconsistent assessments and an inflexible appeal process make a mockery of care quality regulations. Now even the CQC recognises the need for change

For many readers , the article is essential reading.
The CQC itself recognises the need for change and has started a second set of consultations intended to shape the next phase of health and social care regulation in England.

The first consultation, which closed in February, proposed changes to assessment frameworks, how the CQC registers services for people with learning disabilities and its approach to regulating NHS trusts. This time around, all eyes are on how it will monitor, inspect and rate new models of care.

The CQC has outlined its intention to focus more on underperforming providers. Facilities rated outstanding and good will have the periods between inspections lengthened from two years to three and two-and-a-half years respectively, while struggling organisations will continue to receive six-monthly audits. The CQC’s planned changes also point to new methods for gathering information, such as more unannounced inspections and shadowing providers for longer.
Care providers have to pay too much for regulation. The CQC must step up
Rhidian Hughes
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This approach could, however, simply widen the divide between high-performing and struggling providers, and put those experiencing difficulty under huge pressure. These proposals must be expanded to outline what support will be given to failing institutions, as well as this additional layer of scrutiny.

Fundamentally, the overall management of the inspection process must also improve. There should be a dedicated point of contact within the CQC for each provider, with the autonomy and flexibility to address the kind of small issues that can quickly escalate.

It will be " Interesting " to see how this developes when considering many care homes are in the hands of organisations whose number one priority is an adequate return on their investment ... whether it be baked beans , scrap metal or human beings ?

For those cynics amongst our readers , why not invest YOUR pension pot in a care home investment ?

http://www.whatinvestment.co.uk/care-ho ... n-2553512/

Human beings ? Better return than investing in the stock market ?

Re: Care Home Inspections ? Oh Dear .... CQC Report

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:09 am
by bowlingbun
Forum members know that I've had massive problems with my son's care. He's 38, with learning difficulties. People are moving out of residential care into supported living. In residential care it's much easier to see what is going on. Domiciliary care is much more difficult to assess, where there is one carer and one person with LD the opportunities are endless. In particular I'd like to see money management and food management scrutinised much more. It's so, so easy to abuse someone who can't read, write, or do any maths. For example, on one occasion he bought four chicken fillets, but only told me he'd eaten chicken for a main meal once. I wonder where the other three went?!
About 3 years ago his accounts were independently audited, £2,500 either disappeared or was spent contrary to the care plan in ten months....but the LA ignored my formal complaints of financial abuse.
The auditors told me not to pay the care agency their last account until such time as they produced proper money sheets as repeatedly promised. I knew they'd never ever be able to do this as all the sheets concerned were at my house, yet the carers promised again and again that they were "nearly ready" "the printer had broken down" "the person dealing with them was ill", etc. etc. I was threatened with legal action, and said if they did that I'd be happy to explain the situation in court! They then started contacting the LA almost on a weekly basis, and the new Care Manager told me to pay up - she hadn't read the file. The head of LD in the county told me I had no right to withhold payment. Unfortunately for them, Contract Law was one of my favourite subjects for my degree, I knew I could, legally, as they were in breach of contract.
The last part of this saga was the DISAPPEARANCE of the very company doing the audit. Suddenly mail was returned "not known at this address". So who really cares?!