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welfare benefits

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
mad king george osborne has said the total benefit cut will be 14.5 billion ... so how does he do that then .. carers willl get nowt for the next 20 years or more ... and those we care for will be squeezed till the pips squeek ... and many of us work in tandem with our cares, we share the income just to survive ... i blame the lib dems ....
I have just watched this as well.I am becoming very anxious.You only need one big bill to throw the rest of your household budget out at the moment,Goodness knows what it will be like afterwards.
My biggest worry is that we cannot afford my husband and son to eat healthily for their Diabetes, and that they would become ill.
My mum is terminally ill with secondary cancer and I care for her full time - 24hrs a day. I would not describe that as "choosing a lifestyle of sitting on benefits" as Osbourne describes it!!

I'm struggling to manage financially as it is so what am I supposed to do - get a job and put my mum into 24hr care or have social services carers visting 4 times a day - costing the goverment FAR more than the pitiful money they pay me now!!

Surely they cant cut our money down as they pay us the legal minimum amount already but if they start reducing benefits for either myself or mum I just dont know what I'll do. I'm already taking medication for depression as it is!!
Everyone has got a dam good case.Everyone has a right to help.BUT theres limited resources out there.I dont know anymore,if I ever did,how the cuts should be made,but made they must be.I no expert.Every section,disabled,homeless,pentioners,jobseekers,students,carers,etc,etc are all after money from a limited supply.

Its life as is,and Im not saying its right or wrong,or blaming anyone,its,as is.We aree in a time of cuts,like it or not.I think its pointless to just bemoan it.Its happening.No one escapes these cuts.
I have just listened to it, Osborne was clear that the cuts were not intended to harm those who were too disabled to work, he was talking about those who choose not to work as "a lifestyle choice", how the government determines who can and who cannot work and therefore who is protected and who is not is yet to be seen but wait and see, there is no point in worrying and then finding that none of us or those we care for are to be subject to cuts beyond those already announced and, whist the tabloids are bayng for cuts in spending across the board, there is also mounting opposition to the cuts already announced.
The thing is, all this talk of possible cuts to benefits and services, coupled with the possibility of a demand for a large amount of unpaid tax dropping on the doormat (few of us know if we are among the unfortunate people who have unwittingly underpaid), must be causing an untold amount of stress and anxiety up and down the country.

I have been made redundant once and had two short-term contract positions since moving on beyond my caring role and returning to paid employment just over two years ago. Jobs are very scarce around here and RBS have just announced that they are closing a customer service centre in my town, with the loss of some 500 jobs. There are going to be literally hundreds of applicants for every single office job created in the area and I have to accept that, at 52, I am not going to be first choice for many of them, even with good qualifications and over 30 years working experience.

I'm so lucky that I don't have a mortgage to pay and am not dependent on any sort of benefits -many are not so fortunate. I am now seriously considering retraining as a stress counsellor, God only knows they are going to be in demand!
Well I am quite happy to moan but would like to know what about first Image
All this going to announce, they been saying that since day one, when can we expect more detail, sometimes being kept in the dark is worse than facing the problem, actually I always think it is and like to know exactly what is what.
As for all this asking the public for their ideas on cuts Image everyone is going to suggest anything that doesn't affect them personally.
My faith in fellow man knows no limits Image
My faith in fellow man knows no depths, I really should stop reading the tabloids and their comments sections Image Image .
My faith in fellow man knows no depths, I really should stop reading the tabloids and their comments sections Image Image .
Ha, ha think that might be what I meant to say.