The Scottish government have launched their strategy on carers. Details on our website here ... rsstrategy

The new strategy for Carers in Scotland (Caring Together) and a Young Carers Strategy (Getting it Right for Young Carers) cover a five year period. Also published were a separate document on good practice together with a report and data analysis of carers and young carers in Scotland. I have attached each of these documents for your information.

Also announced was £5 million of investment in breaks for carers (see news release at] ... 7/26103338[/url]) and a £281,000 investment in carer and professional training. This activity will be organised by the voluntary sector.

Key elements of the strategy are:

+ Creating a Carers Rights Charter
+ Investing in carers training
+ Improving the identification of carers by health and social care services (including working with the Royal College of General Practictioners.
+ Making carers' own health and wellbeing a priority - carers within certain target groups will be provided with a health check and uptake monitored.
+ Promoting carer-friendly employment practices and encouraging income maximisation