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Care Act 2014 : Should / Could / Would Act 2014 ... R.I.P. ? - Page 8 - Carers UK Forum

Care Act 2014 : Should / Could / Would Act 2014 ... R.I.P. ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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Little Boxes .... 1962 ... autumn of which my beloved O's played in the first division for the only time , the winter of which still remains the worst I have seen !

Music 50 years ago ....1967 ?

More Soft Machine / Pink Floyd / Hendrix / Cream / Zappa / Beefheart etc. etc. ...

Vets ? Given half a chance , they would put a carer down out of sympathy rather than let the medical profession give same carer a chemical straitjacket to keep them caring ?

Any spare capacity in that sector , and the NHS / LAs will be looking for potential avenues to save monies or pass over suitable specimens for treatment ?
Interest reading past articles on the prelude to what became the Care Act.

https://www.carersuk.org/news-and-campa ... rn-support

There a lot more to the original proposal through a Private Members Bill available through any search on the Internet for :

Social Care (Local Sufficiency) and Identification of Carers Bill 2012-13

Note. Identification of Carers ... some 35 years or so too late , and will still be vital to get this task done before any legislation or policy making decisions are taken by ANY organisation or politician.

How can anyone plan for carers if 5.5 million are still unknown ????????????????????????

Suffice to say , the original version did not pass through the " Washing " stages in the House.

For the real deerstalkers around , the following report produced by Liz Lloyd of Bristol University provides
an independant view of the framework :

http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/do ... 1&type=pdf

Page 14 ... Conclusion ... very interesting , and fully supports my own view on the necessity to view carers and their caree as a partnership.

Our caree supporting organisations ? Apparently not consulted. Their input ? Minimal.

Literally enough to keep one occupied for a couple of hours alone in this posting.

Suffice to say , the writing was very much on the wall even before this Bill became Law.
Another aspect of this Bill for consideration.

When launched , how was it marketed across the county to the 6 million+ carers ?

News posted on the supporting organisation web sites for sure. Great for the few thousand who visit but , where else for the remaining millions ?

Obviously , not a mail shot or email blitz , but where advertised ?

Even the old age way by leaflets available at hospital / doctor surgeries / libraries / community halls / food banks etc , sometimes in conjunction with wall posters and bill boards ?

Any reader see one , or even pick up one , in any of these outlets ?

Did the LAs assist through their channels and outlets ? Those on the records of the local SS , were they contacted to be made aware of the new obligations ?

No one will seek to buy a product if they didn't know of it's existence in the first place ?

Perhaps explains why the initial estimate of numbers actually benefiting were pitched so low ... 375,00 ... out of 6 million , the main problem being the whereabouts of all those who should have benefited was unknown ... identifying carers in the first place yet again ?

Whatever , it's 2017 and we must move on , the treacle that most carers have to travel through is getting thicker as that clock ticks on.

Perhaps false hope is better than no hope ?

If only we could turn the clock back and change things that would now made a difference.

" Okay carers / caree supporting organisations / LAs , here's the draft Care Bill. See any problems before we put it through the washing machine ? "

As an analogy , the LAs would have replied ... " Our shelves are full with our warehouses overflowing. No room to stock yours unless our investors pump more money it so that we can increase both our selling and warehousing capacity. "

" Full steam ahead , Captain Smith. The weather looks fine. More ice for your pink gin ? Coming up very shortly ! "

Hopefully , those who will actually benefit will outnumber the SS Titanic survivors ?

If only ........
The problem or difficulty that I encountered, was that my two Aunties lived on Merseyside England,
and I lived in a different county in Wales. I didn't know whether I was supposed to get help from the Local Authority where I lived, or from the local authority where my Aunties lived.

That problem probably affects many people these days.
That old chesnut again .... The Postcode Lottery.

Can be farcical at times , but not for the victims.

Two identical households , a mere 50 yards apart but across the local boundary line from each other.

Both need their Local SS for support.

One household receives a full house of support , perhaps some of it free.

The other household qualifies for a mere gesture of support , their LA has higher eligibilty criteria.

Those readers with children will know of the same problem when it comes to school selection. An identical house a mere 10 yards away may fetch £ 10 / 15,000 more purely because it's inside the encatchment area for the best judged school whereas your house is outside.
Brief update given the shortage of input from readers , and articles appearing in the press.

History repeating itself again ?

Rewind to 2004 and the first wave of LA cutbacks , raising the fences , in social care.

Initially , story after story in the press , easing off over the next couple of months until virtually no more were published.

2007-2008 ? Hardly a LA had not jumped on the bandwagon and yet , despite nationwide failures to deliver , the press weren't interesting in dragging up " Old " news as it didn't sell newspapers.

2017 ? Same pattern with the Care Act.

I just hope that the problems are not allowed to be buried.

" Oh well , we tried our best. It wasn't our fault , it was the ...... "

Half right but , slightly economical with the actual truth ?

Did anyone actually consult with carers first ?

After all , when playing at Augusta in the Masters for the first time , one's caddy is essential ! Ignore his advice at your peril !!!

Always prudent to do one's homework before failing the exam ?
Having fielded a couple of questions , I had a look " Up top " ... HELP AND ADVICE section ... Care Act.

I would strongly suggest that amendments be made to that Section as it is misleading in the light of what's actually happening nationwide.

Offering gold with only fool's gold available ?

No wonder numbers are falling , what message does that send out to any potential new members ?

One for the Voice to ponder on ... and not for long ?

It's not what's on the label , it's what's in the tin that counts !!!!!!!!!!

Let's hope that there is something in the Carers Strategy on this score.

Big Brother threatening the LAs with a big stick perhaps ..... or a dead fish Python style ?


Just for the record , and for any former CT readers , an even worse example from the " Other " outfit's site :


I will assume that there are no guidance sections for potential applicants hidden anywhere else ?

I rest my case ... for the rest of this day , at least !
Flick Drummond Conservative, Portsmouth South
To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what measures he plans to include in the Carers Strategy on the availability of breaks for carers.

David Mowat The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health
In developing the new Carers Strategy we have been consulting widely and working closely with carers to understand the many issues that may impact on them, including the role of breaks for carers. The Strategy will look at the support we provide to carers themselves; to their families and will reach beyond the health and care system to help support carers in employment, education and in the development of ‘carer friendly communities’.
https://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?i ... #g70145.r0

x x
In developing the new Carers Strategy we have been consulting widely and working closely with carers to understand the many issues that may impact on them, including the role of breaks for carers.

Carers themselves ?

If so , it would be a first since 2008 / 2009 time ... and look what followed shortly thereafter !

If I had know , would have invited him upto the Worksop Gulag to meet with some of the native carers queuing at the local food bank ... even offering a safe passage in ... forgetting the safe passage out bit ?

Save him the trip , just read some of the threads on 'ere !
From another thread ... interlocking :
Perhaps a new , more appropriate , name ... The Should Would Could Act ... which one depends on those reading / quoting / interpreting / relying on it ?

One thing clear , nobody sort to fund it ?

Lawyers ?

First bunch charge you £ 50 per hour to prepare the draft bill ( Adding in their language ... ambiguities ) , which then becomes Law.

Next bunch come along and charge you £ 100 per hour to argue over it's ambiguities !

Down the line , the top bunch charge you £ 300+ per hour to give the final decision.

Nice work , if / maybe / perhaps you get it ?

True or false ?
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