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Care Act 2014 : Should / Could / Would Act 2014 ... R.I.P. ? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Care Act 2014 : Should / Could / Would Act 2014 ... R.I.P. ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall during the planning stage.

Someone must have raised the issue of the financial meltdown seen across almost all LAs ?

If so , were they overruled in favour of getting the bill through into law ?

That someone may now shrug and think of the words ... I told you so.

Additional funds , even ring fenced ?

All that gliters is not gold.

As usual , the ultimate losers will be many carers.
The link kindly supplied by Charles makes very interesting reading.

The fear of identifying carers , and the resulting logistics should more demand be placed on social services.

Wider implications but dovetails nicely into assumptions made allied with Government projections earlier
in this thread.

It also serves as a reminder of the potential power of carers collectively purely by numbers.

No wonder the whole Establishment does not see this as a target. That in itself , opens up new concerns.

I can never see that harnessed during my lifetime unless their is more severe downturn in the economy

If that were to happen , it would not just be carers seeking salvation.

Just think , a mere 1 in 10 of our numbers reporting to their LA under the provisions of the Care Act
and , hey presto , economic armageddon.

After all , the Care Act is law , what's stopping us ?

Perhaps we shall make Charles an honorary Colonel for that link ?

The whole System cannot be as fragile as that ... surely not ?

Okay , let's all conscript a few ....

Other than the army's own catering corps , has any other army had so much power to inflict damage ?
After years of seeing increases in the number of carers receiving carers assessments in Leicester, they went down last year. I expect the same this year.

Working on it.
I hope to be able to report on possible developments with this one.

The usual contact of a contact who knows someone's third cousin removed routine.

Watching this one like a shark.

Someone has dropped a ten gallon drum of blood in the water , me thinks ?

Off screen ... " What was that ? Political correctness ? Didn't he play left back for QPR ? Okay , okay ! ".

Make that a 45.46 litre drum.

Happy now ?
I wonder what the record is between a formal request for one to be completed? I requested mine a year ago. The first was a joke - no way was I going to sign it, then the person who wrote it left before it could be revised. Requested a second one. Not much better. Demanded a third visit - she said that she didn't want to make recommendations until after she'd spoken to the LD Team to see what they were thinking. That was ages ago. Despite many reminders and complaints, still incomplete, so the Needs Assessment and Care Plan should not be finalised until the Carers Asssessment was complete. They skipped the Needs Assessment and drew up a Care Plan, has to be considered a draft as I neither signed it nor agreed to it, and anyhow they reduced my son's care by nearly 30% without any evidence of reduced need or an updated MCA.
Longest I've come across is two years: despite several attempts. It's just been completed.

Longest I've ever heard of where someone made the request and was told it would be allocated was over 6 months - it only took three reminders and a comment that the Local Government Ombudsman sets a time limit for a Needs Assessment as 4-6 weeks, and as the Care Act gives parity for carers they were seriously out of time to the point of maladministration. Took two weeks to complete...
Sounds like said entry in the Guinness Book of Records will change almost daily before long ?

Government v. The LAs .... with carers stuck in the middle , even asked to be the ball to be kicked around.

Difficult to call as more than just carers are watching.

So are our carees ... mere spectators like us.

Care home operators are feeling the pinch .... in their profits.

And , it getting colder outside.

And , don't the 250,000 souls recently reported by Shelter know it !
Charles, I didn't know about the Ombudsman's ruling, so great big HUGS from me for that. I first requested them in December, made my first formal complaint in May - as I was sat waiting for the taxi to take me to the airport for my holiday in Crete I had an email (not even a phone call) from the care provider to say that they didn't have any extra hours allocated for M while I was away! Same happened when I was away in September, and it's the same every bank holiday too.
I found it on their website a few weeks ago but when I had a look this morning I couldn't find it...I'll have a proper search later.

What I have found is their most recent annual report. Interesting reading, especially about dignity issues.
http://www.lgo.org.uk/make-a-complaint/ ... april-2015

Thanks Charles, armed with the information you gave me, I found this.
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