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Cameron to axe housing benefits for feckless under 25s - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Cameron to axe housing benefits for feckless under 25s

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When will everybody in Govt give the young people a chance in life? They're not all dole scrounger, smoking, booze swigging, yobboes.
This is very much business as usual, George, as started under Thatcher and continued by every government since. Test the water first. Then introduce something slightly less unpopular. The only difference is that Cameron is even less subtle about it.
Looks like cameron throwing differenet thoughts out, testing the water as charles47 said getting ready for the election in 2015, if you think its bad now if cameron gets in as a single conservative party, without the liberal democrat coalition my thoughts there won't be much of a welfare state after 2015.
I am livid with Cameron! I'm 20 and this means I won't be able to move out for a very long time. I don't know wether this is intentional but he's aiming a lot at under 25's recently, and what about those under 25's who do work but are on low incomes and just need a little housing benefit to help them along? I don't think I've ever been so angry in all my life because I may end up being a carer for a long time but having my own little flat, nothing big and fancy would be ideal in the future so I can relax and have a bit of breathing space, and housing benefit was going to be my help in hand. (Not saying I'm never going to work, but with wages as low as they are I wouldn't be able to afford a flat in south east london as the rents are stupidly high).

He's saying that under 25's should stay at home until they can afford it themselves like the old days Image 21st century! yeah that would take years of saving especially with like I said the low wages and high flat prices. And the rents are ridiculous in london. But if this all goes ahead I will have no choice but to stay home for a very long time as my mum isn't going to get better over night and I can't even do part-time work with what her care involves.

I was in a good mood, totally ruined now Image
This was discussed on The Wright show earlier today. Not something I normally watch but had been told this topic would come up.

One of the issues raised by a lady that rang the show was the obscene amounts charged by some landlords. How quite a few people worked but income was too low so needed a top up of housing benefit. So even those in work would possibly suffer too.

For me I agree with comments above...hoying teasers out to gauge reaction
Lazydaisy so the shop that only gives your nephew 12 hours work but then expects him to be available at ALL times. This is exactly the kind of crap that needs to stop. That unscrupulous employer (well known high street store or not) obviously doesnt care about keeping their workers in poverty.
And then right wing thickos always ask "Why cant you get another part time job? Errr because my employer only wants to give me a low amount of hours but own the rest of my time too.
Im willing to bet hes working in the sort of place that has/or have in the past taken full advantage of workfare. A lot of high street stores have been caught out doing this.
my daughter was told the same diva by a couple of shops she applied to work at,the worlds gone mad,you even need to have a cv to get a washing up job nowadays,god help us.
For those interested, here is Camerons speech in full

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politic ... -full.html
At work and pensions questions in the Commons on 25 June 2012, Mr Byrne alleged that the introduction of the universal credit was running late and over budget, and the prime minister's recent speech on welfare reform was designed to deflect attention from this.
http://news.bbc.co.uk/democracylive/hi/ ... 730541.stm
Does the housing benefit cut apply to the disabled? My friends daughter has just manged to move into her own litle flat shes got learning difficulties but can manage with some help, shes 22 and gets housing benefit as she cannot work, does this mean she will have to move back home un-doing all her Mums hard work of making her daughter have independance?