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Cameron to axe housing benefits for feckless under 25s - Carers UK Forum

Cameron to axe housing benefits for feckless under 25s

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It probably wouldn't be legal for me to comment on this article, royd.

The man truly has no idea.
We will of course have to wait for the speech on Monday but as usual he has leaked most of the content to see what the reaction is -Child benefit to be paid for just 3 children .. families under 25 who dont live at home with mummy and daddy but claim housing benefit will have the housing benefit removed but dont the low paid also claim housing benefit ? he wants to help and support families who do the right thing ...he will talk of "conditionality" ie look for a job or lose the £70 dole money ( £12 more then carers allowance) carers are subject to conditionality now are we not we must work for a minimum of 35 hours per week or lose the carers allowance ...and at the end of carers week i would have thought he would have recognised the value of carers from families who have done the right thing many given up work to care for an elderly / young disabled relative to do a job that the state either cant or wont do all for the masive allowance of £58 per week , he wants to offer financial support to those under 25 who remain at home and save before they move out into their own home and then have children but no child benefit if hey earn over £43 -000 and just child benefit for the first 3 children , but no financial support for those who remain at home and provide care and support for disabled elderly/young relatives.. instead we have the threat of the removal of universal benefits probably due to conditionality what could that alone cost ? the winter fuel allowance with the T.V licence could cost £10 per week for some elderly with or without a carer and if you use/depend on the bus pass £2 per day plus the carer would also have to pay and if like us you live in a rural area 22 miles into town the cost per day for one is £5-50 .....why did he not mention the good work that carers do he talks time after time of people who get SOMETHING FOR NOTHING that is people who do the wrong thing but he never acknowledges those who do the right thing and get NOTHING FOR SOMETHING ...
I wish he would have said something about the increase in complaints to the C.Q.C. over 5-000 in the last year or so about residential care homes and the abuse the elderly face and people wonder why many dont want to use the residential care home system ....and decide to provide good quality care at home with dignity , respect and compassion ..something which is missing from many care homes by the looks of the ccomplaints ....
I am horrified reading this. Just within my own extended family,my nephew aged 22, is looking for a flat to rent with his girlfriend. At the moment,they live separately with their parents. She is a student, he is working 12 hours a week. He is willing to get another job, but the one he has in a shop says that he has to be available at all times to them.The shop is a well-known High Street shop.My nephew cannot afford to move out unless he gets more work. He is unable to get housing benefit, or top up his wages.My sister is fortunate to work fulltime,and as she has no more children and her mortgage is paid then she is able to treat him to extras.Not many families are in that position,even when working.
I was living in nurses accommodation when I was 18,married at 22 and a mother of 2 sons by the time I was 25.(I was working fulltime and we had a mortgage.)My husband stayed at home with the children.
Young people do not have choices anymore.There is very little employment around, and most of the time locally, it is a case of who you know.So and so's best friend's sister's father-in-law knew your grandfather 20 years ago, so is willing to offer you a job and see how it goes.
I feel very sorry for many young people.Most are not "feckless or workshy."They want a chance at work.
Well i didnt want to comment on that subject late last night, because i just come in from taking my elderly father to the local social club for a drink and a social night out btw we won the bingo Image . But the headline just shock me upto 25 and no housing benefit and your right charles47 i also can't say much more on this subject wouldn't be legal for me, just very lucky i'm way passed that 25 mark.
i actually understand what he's trying to do,but the genuine people who can't still live at home because of abuse etc will be caught up in his attempts to discourage the welfare society.
Frankly it would be cheaper to buy every 25 year old some feck.
some couples may have had children late in life say 40 the children will be at home when they are aged 65 the home may be small and for 2,3,4, children to remain at home will cause problems of overcrowding but if the children do leave the family home and leave the parents in a 3 bed home they will then have to move or pay more that`s if the parents claim housing benefit under the new under occupancy legislation in force next April...2 people in a 3 bed home it is about £20 per week extra to remain within the home ..or move to a smaller home ..or they could move in with their children .......

I cant wait to see how he will reward the under 25`s who remain at home and save up for a house.... and as i have said he wants to reward those who have done the right thing, as carers we have i hope done the right thing yet we have never ever been rewarded ..we must end the SOMETHING FOR NOTHING CULTURE ...WE AS CARERS RECIEVE NOTHING FOR SOMETHING....and that word conditiionality work for your benefit we as carers have done this for decades ..yet the unemployed get more then carers ..conditionality leads to means testing ....which will please some of Camerons right wing mates....

The 2 billion £`s this will save from the welfare budget is just 20% of more welfare cuts planned after the next election ..the winter fuel allowance , bus pass , t.v. licence they are worth about 4 billion £`s and lets rememebr the cash saved 10 BILLION £`S will of course be redirected to the poor ..in yer dreams ...they are using the elderly/young disabled / vulnerable to clear the deficit ..

http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/ ... 5s-welfare

Both the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, and the Liberal Democrats have been highlighting middle class welfare, such as the universal access to winter fuel payments, as a better target. But Cameron believes he made commitments to the electorate not to touch pensioner benefits, and would suffer electorally if he dumped them now – even if he delayed the changes until after the next election.
Just watched the ITV news this evening and housing benefit cut may not come in, till the next general election.
Makes you wonder if these headlines are a distraction for something they are sneaking through now, or testing the waters for the future. Maybe a combination of the 2... Image Image Image