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Cameron's 10 key pledges for Britain - Carers UK Forum

Cameron's 10 key pledges for Britain

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Seems like point two relates most to carers. Still no detail yet. Image

and the 2 points are ? - as far as i can see he has said nowt that relates to carers
Point 2 mentions out of work benefit claimants George.I assume this is what Sam picked up on.
Since when have carers been "out of work"? And surely the Tory policy is no different to the Labour policy on working-age, including those in receipt of IB, claimants. I do not know about anyone else but I am heartily sick of ill and disabled claimants and their carers being used as a political football in the "Who Can Sound Toughest" League.
IN Camerons plan for the residential social care no mention of removal of benefits just £8-000 one off or insurance- however they tories will carry out welfare reform but no way would they remove attendance allowance they will not want to upset the pensioners when they have just helped them with their care home costs as it would be assumed that the attendance allowance was being used to fund their ownn care .
It was, of course, the Tories who brought in the provision for charging for previously free care with the NHS and Community Care Act 1990 and Virginia Bottomley, then Secretary for State for Health, who redefined many nursing needs which had been provided free of charge as social care needs which were then subject to charges and means-testing.
Not to mention making sure that the mobility component was unavailable to people who become disabled after 65, presumably on the grounds that all 65 year olds automatically lose the use of their legs...
As you all know i aint a tory but it was a tory who brought in the attendance allowance and later the carers allowance Norman St- john Stevens thats if me memory is working at first it was to help woman who gave up work to care for both young and old but it soon became a benefit for the elderly and their carers dont shout if iam wrong as iam ill oh my poor head
Incapacity benefit. Carees get this. My one does anyway. Image