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Hi rosemary

Ive left my comment on the page,i never hide i have no reson too Image

take care
Hi rosemary

Ive left my comment on the page,i never hide i have no reson too Image

take care
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pixie nubbins aka Rin said...
i think that across the country carers should get free public transport,, many of us can not afford a car or in my case the lessons to even think about a car!

WE need help on this matter

its about time a councellor OR MP had the BALLS to stand up and say It!

Friday, August 31, 2007 9:16:00 AM

ive added mine and i now must go get some choccie hobnobs,, i need a pack a day to keep me so rounded!
Although it dosen't really help the situation up in Scotland all disabled people travel free anywhere in the country (Scotland and if they need a companian they can have the information of the card and the carer also travels free anywhere in Scotland as long as they are over 16 and with the card holder. I f Scotland can do this I am sure that the powers at b in paliment can organise it for England. In fact I heard on the Grapevine that this is suppose to be happening in England in 2008. I can't remeber where I heard it but I was quite pleased as I am in the process of moving from Scotland down to Kent and would very much like this to happen as I don't drive and cannnot walk very fast of very far and this would be great system to have in England. I will just have to wait and see or try and find out information when I move. Take Care Alison Image
Found this Alison,



People over 60 and disabled people will soon be able to travel for free on any local bus across England thanks to additional funding announced by the Chancellor Gordon Brown today.

The scheme will bring benefits to 11 million older and disabled people and is part of the Government's work to support social inclusion and encourage greater bus use.

Today's funding is an extension to the scheme starting on April 1 2006 - which allows free off peak local travel to people over 60 and disabled people in their local area.

Alistair Darling, Transport Secretary said:

"From April 2008, over 11 million older and disabled people in England will now be able to take advantage of free off-peak bus travel in every area of the country.

"Whether using the bus locally, or when visiting other parts of the country, today's announcement means older and disabled people can travel for free. More freedom and more choice for millions of people."

The scheme applies to off peak (From 9.30am Monday to Friday and all day weekends and bank holidays) in England
Hmmmmmm Alistair Darling is my fav' person,i've had dealings with him in the past Image think i may drop him a few line's.

My mail to ken has not even warrented a reply,so its time to start shouting louder Image Image

It's great that older people and disabled people get free travel....BUT the carers need it too....maybe if we all started saving our bus ticket's and send them to those that be,they might start to listen.

Chelle xxx
i can claim money back at the hosptital ifi have a form and proof of benefits but ti dont help if i dont have the moneys to start with! fed up with asking matt if i can have a tenner like the kids do!