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THANK YOU to ken livingstone for once again overlooking the needs of CARERS.

It has been announced that people on INCOME SUPPORT are now entitled to 1/2 price bus/tram travel....BUT a normal fare is £2.00 which we all have to pay ~ and they will only be paying 50p.

When will the Government realise that carers are saving them millions of pound's every year and give us something back? Image
Check it out as far as i know comrade ken will allow carers free travel but only if the person you care for is with you iam sure you can do it now
I have now gone through the whole of the TRANSPORT FOR LONDON website and there is NOTHING for carer's

There is the FREEDOM PASS for ppl aged 60 and over & for disabled people who are eligiable.

Wheelchair user's are entitled to free travel on buses weather or not they hold a freedom pass.

If carer's have a lot of traveling to do on behalf of the person they are caring for then they MUST recieve FREE travel.
When I heard this I was fuming as i understand it's carers who get income support that wiill get this half price travel. I was told by a bus driver and an inspector that i can go free on the bus as long as i've got my husband and the wheelchair with me fair enough but I got on another bus to be told by the driver he didn't know anything about it. Hubby rang up TFL to find out if it goes for the underground and as told they didn't know anything about it.What worries me is if i get on the bus with hubby and wheelchair and an inspector gets on and and tells me there is no such thing as free travel for carers of people in wheelchair am i going to get fined. It's so confusing.
The frist line don't sound right so here goes again I'm fuming because it didn't mention carers at all.
It is indeed true that the new Bus and Tram discount cards are only available to those recieving Income Support.

This is why, while welcoming the concession as an important FIRST STEP to mitigating one of the extra costs of caring, we will continue to campaign for and press the Mayor, TfL and the London Boroughs to extend concessionary and indeed FREE public transport to ALL of London's carers.

I'll be putting something about this on our web page www.carerslondon.org before the weekend.


Steve Lee
Carers London Manager
I personaly do not get income support,but do spend time traveling as a carer. I do too find the whole set up very confusing and sometimes misleading.

I have mail Mr.Livingstone myself and will continue to push for an answer.I like many carer's dont have alot of free time,but i will be using the spare time i have to get some answer's. Image
Morning everyone,

I came across this and thought some here may like to add a comment

http://leepedialite.blogspot.com/2007/0 ... fares.html

Even though I dont live in London its something that needs addressing on behalf of carers so the more people that raise this issue the better.

this is stupid because as you rightly say many care givers and disabled people are not on income support.

I do not know the way forward from this,and i am still waiting on a reply from Mr.Livingstone i've not even had the normal "thank you for contacting us".

If anyone has any idea's then please share them Image

Morning Chelle,

The link I gave above enables you to add comments there, unless the one after mine is already yours Image

Take care