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Harry Cohen (Leyton & Wanstead, Labour) | Hansard source

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions if he will consider paying carers allowance to pensioners; and if he will make a statement.


Jonathan R Shaw (Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Disabled People; Minister for the South East), Department for Work and Pensions; Chatham & Aylesford, Labour) | Hansard source

Since October 2002 carers aged 65 or over have been able to qualify for carer's allowance on the same basis as younger carers. The general principle is that if a claimant qualifies for more than one non-means-tested income replacement benefit the higher benefit is paid. Therefore, if a carer is receiving a state pension they would not be paid a carer's allowance unless their state pension was less than the rate of carer's allowance.

Over 400,000 carers receive income-related benefits including income support, jobseeker's allowance, housing benefit, council tax benefit and pension credit which are paid at a higher rate because they are entitled to carer's allowance. The higher rate is paid even if the carer satisfies the qualifying rules for carer's allowance but receives a state pension at a higher rate and as a result cannot be paid carer's allowance.
Many pensioners at 65 can get work if they want to, as they are not allowed to be discriminated against due to their age,do the same rules of discrimination not count, in the case of Government decisions?

Most Carer Pensioners would be unable to get paid work, as they already have fulltime work.Many of them work far more hours than if they were not Carers.
Age discrimination laws in this country have an age limit of 65.

It would be funny if it wasn't true.
I am amazed. I believed that pensioners were protected by Age Discrimination.
Nope - it seems to mainly be about getting over 50s and those in their early 60s into work where they would usually struggle to.
I would have thought that most pension age Carers would not want to work - in most cases we have full time jobs looking after our Carees ! And at a time when justifiably we should have been able to take life a bit easier. But because the state pension is less than generous so many have to continue working just to be able to pay the bills. Carers Allowance is a paltry sum anyway when you consider how much it would cost the state if we didn't do the job voluntarily. The loss of Carers Allowance when you each pensionable age results in a drop in income at a time when it is least welcome, and for some at a time when every penny is needed.
I am still amazed, puzzled and downright angry that a old age Pension is deemed a benefit
considering the fact that i worked for 45 years and paid my taxes, graduated pension, and national insurance........... I know who do benefit those burgers in Westminster
check my post re - pensions v wages it`s the workers of today who pay for us and thats the way it should be.