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Burstow Appointed as National Ambassador for Carers - CUK - Carers UK Forum

Burstow Appointed as National Ambassador for Carers - CUK

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.

Carers UK has appointed local Liberal Democrat MP, Paul Burstow, as one of three national ambassadors for carers.

Mr Burstow was asked to take on the role because of his work in parliament on behalf of carers.

Commenting, Paul Burstow MP, said, "It is a great honour to be asked to speak out for carers. Without carers our NHS and social services simply could not cope. Yet still far too often carers are overlooked and undervalued."

As a carers ambassador Mr Burstow will play a leading role in this years National Carers Week.
Sorry but iam on my high horse again..

I am a wee bit worried over the apointment of P.Burstow M.P. Liberal i believe that "ambasadors" for carers should be non political i am not at all sure who the other 2 ambasadors are, the appointment of an M.P. is wrong, he has spoken many times re carers from as far back as 2005 he has asked questions in the house which is of course a good thing but have carers uk endorsed him as an individual ? if you look at the comments from Nick Clegg (he who thought the O.A.P. was about £50 per week) has welcomed his appointment as the carers ambasador it now looks as though we have endorsed the Liberal party. Will Burstow follow the party line ? we have just seen this week how councillors can be persuaded to change their minds and lets not forget the Liberals themselves just last month withdrew the free care for the elderly from their manifesto because we cant afford it, what i wonder is the Liberal party take on the rate of allowance for carers. Burstow is in favour of the carers allowance being raised and payable to those with O.A. retirement pensions to double the allowance for the 750-000 who have the allowance now would cost 1 billion ( indicated in I.D. Smiths report) would his party support this increase ? if not he will have little or no clout within Westminster .
Local M.P. local to who not me may be carers uk office i aint sure mind you things could be worse we may have asked Ann Mcguier to return or Fiona Phillips & Carol Voderman .
We do need support from M.P.`S
We do need support from M.P.`S
If I had to pick one it would be this fella.At the AGM in November he seemed to be the only one on the panel of the MPs who really understood these issues.We need all the support we can get,whichever direction/party it is from and all the better if we can get MPs from all parties on side.
They have scored an own goal this last week with all this secrecy and up to us all now to hammer the message home again...and again..and again Image Image
I for one welcome the appointment of MP, Paul Burstow as one of the Ambassadors for Carers he’s kept the other two political parties on their toes over the years as I’ve watched in parliament.

Who are the other two?

Please don’t tell me Ann McGuire, is one of them- the EX Disability Minister for Labour she most definitely does not represent the me or other Carers of today, as far as concerned

I’m aware she cared part-time with the help of her three sisters back in the good old days when society treated families with more respect and dignity than they do today. In those days nurses were kind and compassionate and dedicated to care of the sick and dying unlike today.

I am increasingly concerned about people being pushed back into work by New Labour and although I agree with Equality and so on - nobody seems to care about how the Welfare and Healthcare reform are breaking up our right to care for family if that is OUR choice.

Now Fiona Phillips would get my vote. She had to give up her career to become a carer firstly for her mum with dementia then her dad and she openly reveals that she could not be a wife and mother to her young children work and care at the same time the demand was too great!!!!
Fiona Phillips is far to close to Labour and Carol Voderman to close to the Conservatives ...

i dont doubt that Burstow will be a good rep for us but what of his party line will he be under the control of the whips office? of course he will and we must remember the Liberals may hold the balance as it looks more and more likely that we will have a hung parliament

I still stick by my claim that we should have someone who is non political and has good public support ......

why do you lot keep picking on me iam gonna tell me mum ......
Me pick on you George, NEVER!

OK who do you think? May be we should carry out an independent Poll!

What about Claire Rayner,
she spent her life helping the troubled people of Britain solve their personal problems as the country’s most sympathetic and well-read agony aunt.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree ... ion-report
CLAIRE RAYNER NO WAY her son JAY is a food critic and he may have something to say about my beenz on toast which by the way are so scrummy .....or as the old doll calls em toast under beenz MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm

joking apart i may be wrong but i think Claire herself is ill .......i am sure her son JAY was on T.V. a few months back talking anbout care for the elderly .....he is involved with sense national deaf blind society i think ........second thoughts he could do a good job......