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Bung All Our Carees In A Home?????? - Carers UK Forum

Bung All Our Carees In A Home??????

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
This is just an example of where CUK should be educating the general public as to what real caring is all about.

On the BBC Have your say website there is a thread about more support for carers, some of the comments on there are beyond belief. Some are saying that we should all put our carees into homes and go out to work for our money like the rest of em!!!!!!

This sort of thing is a perfect opportunity for CUK to demand an interview with the BBC and put a carer, like me, in front of the public.
Tell the world that if we all put our charges into homes it would cost them an extra £87 billion.
Tell em that putting our charges into homes would be a death sentence for a lot of them because the standard of care is so poor as to be dangerous. This also applies to home care which Joe public pays for but is only a call -in -make a cuppa service.

Let some-one like me tell them what I do for my caree on a daily basis just to keep her bodily functions working- and all the poverty that goes with it-- losing your home -- losing your business- even losing your dignity- and being cut off from society.

Show somebody who has lost everything-and having to live at the mercy of the benefit system in a tin y little council bungalow-flat or bed sit-- not the ones who are chosen now--living in expensive houses- and paying for staff to do the caring.

They are the few , very lucky ones but they are what the general public are shown time after time-- no wonder they think we are well looked after.
They need frightening by being reminded that it could happen to them at any time- then and only then will we get full public support.
Well said Ken.
It is more than time the real face of caring was shown, with everything that goes with it, rather than the 'nice' face that is usually shown.
Good one Ken,
I sincerely hope that CUK will have meetings about what we have discussed over the weekend.
Can someone from here not post a reply on the BBC thread, to explain what caring is about and what CUK is doing about the problems?
best wishes

http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/nol/thread. ... 0920200513
Sadly I've seen comments about this on a few boards, it's society's attitude towards the elderly that needs changing along with the Government's perception of what carers actually do and how much we save the Treasury, how about handing a bit of it back.

As for bunging my Mum in a care home, I wouldn't have put our late moggie in one Image

Paula xx
Well said ken.
Well said Ken I hope the powers at be take notice and put the real face of carers up front
I've just got back home from collecting my mother from the LA run residential home where she has been in respite care.
This is the fourth year she has stayed in this RH, its always been ok in the past.
Big difference this year the whole building stinks of urine, obviously cut backs have delayed refurbishing, or the standard of cleaning has deteriorated which ever it is I am extremely sorry for anyone who has to live and work daily in such a vile smelling home.

This country, this government, my LA should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. The dreadfully inadequate state of care support services, the NHS, the way Carers are ignored, and used as cheap labour by this appalling hardhearted useless government makes me ashamed to be a resident/citizen of this country.

I am thoroughly sick of the the spin and twaddle from the Ministers of Health, the DWP, and most of all the Primeministers who are being paid to work by the tax payers of this country. God alone knows what they are doing with their time because they are certainly not applying themselves to addressing and solving the rapidly increasing downward spirel of this countries problems.

As an after thought, in truth the kennel that my dog stayed in was sweeter smelling the residential home that I just brought my mother out of.
You want to know what they are doing, they are to busy brown nosing up to Bush and sticking there noses into other countries problems instead of putting there house in orderalso allowing far to many immigrants into the country and making them a higher proriety than our our own elderly sick disabled and carers, for the simple fact they are more profitable than our own vunerable citizens, carers representatives have got to make the government see this.