Bullying of disabled people has got worse – because it’s government-sanctioned

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The bullying of disabled people can often be subtle. Over time, I’ve become immune and also cynical. You filter out a lot of the abuse in order to get on with your life.

But last week, I was at a pedestrian crossing in north London, and here’s the question: am I being oversensitive if I react to a cyclist speeding towards me shouting abuse? He didn’t stop and neither did I, meaning the poor dear in his black storm trooper helmet had to swerve to avoid me because I dared to be on the crossing. He did shout “******* spastic!” – which I suppose means he fine-tuned his abuse to include a repellent reference to impairment. I didn’t respond. What would be the point?
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Yep ... spotted that one yesterday ... as if it were fresh news for the outside worlders.

In CarerLand and CareeLand , almost common place ... not punished in the same way other citizens are , nor reported with same frequency.

Job for Government to tighten up the Law if there are any " Loopholes " , or even leeway given , when incidents are reported.
What a disheartening story. One can only wonder at the low level of intelligence of those who bully or make derogatory comments to anyone disabled.
I know my Aspergers relative suffers because his disability isn't visible, but this guy is in a very visible wheelchair.