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Carers betrayed - breaks money diverted elsewhere - Carers UK Forum

Carers betrayed - breaks money diverted elsewhere

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Telegraph ..read here

Millions of pounds promised for respite breaks for carers has been mis-spent and diverted to plug NHS deficits, an investigation has found.
I still dont understand why funding is given to the NHS when respite is provided by social services
If we look back at our forum when this "historic announcment " was made, i am sure we all said half the cash would vanish it looks as though 75% of the cash has vanished . but was the respite care announcement just a stunt ? of course it was "look at me i`ve helped six million carers " i cant even understand the figures the charities are talking about we could have had 33-000 people on a 3 hour break each week, 3 hours what use is that or 173-000 carers could have had a one week respite care break, 173-000 out of how many six million the whole idea was flawed from start , well did it ever really start to finish.
I asked for 1 weeks respite care and was informed the cash was for "working carers only and the doctors care worker/ advisor thought i was not entitled as i was in receipt of the carers allowance, just last month i was informed that through the scheme i could have a long weekend thats 3 nights care in a care / rest home of their choice ( the homne is a dump) sorry no way ...this is one way to waste 150 million quid, the pesonal care at home service is another way to waste 750 million per year , the new national care service is another way to waste 4 billion quid ..
they dont have a clue....

social services are no better they would have wasted the cash, just as the N.H.S. have, also social services would go down the means tested route no doubt, cash for all carers regardless of income doubt it .....
Its a huge scandal, and heads should roll over this. It makes the fiddling of expenses by MPs look like minor league stuff - this is our money and we have been robbed blind.
They have probably spent Carers' respite money on Carers direct - like that is a big help to us on the ground information, information and more information...

Once they implement the National Care Service carers will find it even harder to apply for respite care in my opinion, because of the rules associated with who will qualify for respite under the National Framework will be a matter of contention.
Well the whole thing of diverting money that is meant for carers is an old habit - our LA gave all the money for Carer's Grants directly to Crossroads who insisted it was for respite only - but they charge for respite and only support a minority of people in this way anyway !!!!!!!!!! So in this area few if any carers benefitted from that little venture! I did hear of people in other areas benefitting in some ways but wonder how much of that money was never seen again in total.
Local authorities - whether NHS or Council - have the power to use money whichever way they wish, unless the government "ring fences" the money so it can only be used for the specific purpose granted. For obvious reasons, local authorities don't like ring fencing and the government rarely does it these days.

Which means that the government can say they care about carers (or whoever) and have given the money to local authorities. Local authorities can say they have prioritised their budgets and acted prudently. And carers wonder where all the money went. Image

It's not a new story but increasingly we're talking about larger and larger sums. It was £50million this year, it's £100million from April...

Entity: the Carers Direct website has separate funding, which was announced at the same time. It was worth about £3m I think. Information is always important: I'm not sure that Carers Direct actually delivers it well, though. For example, it offers information on your local schemes by distance from your home rather than by the type of service. I got information on 3 mental health schemes I don't need because they were closer than the service I was looking for!
The 'direct' websites are rarely useful!

Some years ago we were at Naidex and there was a stand there for the Directgov site - I asked them when they were going to put something useful on there for carers - bloke launced into a patronising explanation of what was on the site for carers(not a lot at that time!) and was quite amazed when I explained that he had misunderstood the question because I had asked when they were going to put something USEFUL on there for carers !!!!!!!!!!!!! Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
The news is reported on BBC tonight.

I had no respite offer yet Image Image Image Image Image