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Budget 2018 : The Grim Reaper Speaketh : Effects On CarerLand / CareeLand : Place Your Bets NOW ! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Budget 2018 : The Grim Reaper Speaketh : Effects On CarerLand / CareeLand : Place Your Bets NOW !

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Carers UK submission to the Government can be found here :

https://www.carersuk.org/for-profession ... udget-2018

Suffice to say , woolly as per usual ... up CA to the Scottish level ... increase add on bits ... but no costings or figures.

A hope that support services will deliver ... WHAT support services ?

" The £ 15 per hour ones , idiot ! "

" Fine ... I'm on the minimum wage ... how do I afford that rate ? "

" Work an additional 2 / 3 hours for every hour of care ! "

" Watch out for that cliff edge ... better boost that private pension ... no monies left to pay for support services ? Don't get much change out of that £ 120 ... do you ? ""

Still ... let 'em have their say ... we will have OUR say later.

Finances and support services .... the BIG two.

Scraps at best ... leaving even more to be classified as inhabitants of THE STREET.


Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said he would reverse cuts made by the government since 2010, as Labour highlighted more than £108bn needed to " End austerity ”.

Labour’s pre-Budget review said it would take £42bn to reverse departmental spending cuts, reports the Guardian’s Jasper Jolly, who was at the event in Savoy Place, London.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies had already highlighted another £19bn needed to stop further cuts to government. Some £33.5bn would be required to reverse cuts to social security and social care, Labour said.


Well , at least the politicos are in full voice ???

Meanwhile , in CarerLand , anticipation is somewhat subdued.


I wonder why ?

Even three day old bread not coming our way ?

Not long to go now ...
In case any reader missed the result of the big race this afternoon ...

First ... Sweet F.A. ... the only horse to finish.

Both Fairer For Carers and Taper didn't even get out of the stalls ... both refused to race.

Stewards will be checking the small print as soon as it's published.

Don' t hold your breath.
Budget income tax cuts 'to overwhelmingly benefit the rich'

Top half of households to benefit from 84% of the cuts, says Resolution Foundation

Welfare cuts to come include a £1.5bn benefit freeze next April that will mean a £200 loss to a couple with children in the bottom half of the income distribution.

The Resolution Foundation said Philip Hammond had delivered £55bn in tax cuts and increases in public spending.

It said that richer households would feel the most positive effects.

However, the report highlighted that many of the cuts to welfare announced in 2015 are still to be rolled out.

That includes the £1.5bn benefits freeze for people in work which the foundation said would see a low income couple with children up to £200 a year worse off.

The Resolution Foundation, a not-for-profit research and policy organisation, said it was the top 10% of households that would gain most - around £410 a year - from the decision to increase the amount people can earn before they start paying income tax and the higher rate of tax.

Poorer households would gain around £30 a year.


Need I post anymore under this thread ?
I'm beginning to "stop reading" and "turn over the TV" as it's all getting too depressing for words. We desperately need to get our role as carers re classified as ""work". That's the only way anything is going to change. We are not just sat with granny giving her tea and cake now and then. Some of us are working 24/7 because of system failures.
All we need now is for CUK to release their response.

Their hierachy will be smiling ... as the graph posted earlier clearly demonstrates.

More cake for them ... more stale bread for half the carer army.

Pouring more oil over troubled waters ?

Don't forget there are two " Ds " in ... disappointed ?
Here it is folks ... CUK's response :

Commenting on Budget 2018, Emily Holzhausen OBE, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Carers UK said:

Opening his Budget 2018 the Chancellor promised ‘a budget for the strivers, the grafters and the carers’. There are some measures that will ease the pressure on some families and these are to be welcomed. But, the Chancellor has failed to make the spending commitments to improving financial support for unpaid carers or the investment in the care services that are absolutely crucial for them and their families.

Though less than half what is to fill current gap, the immediate increase in social care spending for the next two will bring some temporary respite for local authorities who are unable to meet growing need and are reducing spending on support for carers. Without a medium term funding commitment or the agreement on the long term future of our social care system, this money cannot provide the reassurance and back-up that families so badly need.

Further measures announced to Universal Credit will make a difference to those with low earnings and further transitional protections for those currently receiving the Severe Disability Premium look like welcome changes.

It is imperative that the Government’s Green Paper and Spending Review put in place the funding that families need to care; sustainably funded care services, increase in carers’ benefits and new work place rights to enable more people to combine caring with paid work.

So Emily ... no comment on either " Fairer for Carers ? " or that taper ?

I just love that LA bit ... temporary respite ... for whom ??? ... low millions are NOT receiving anything like the level of care they need.

Care Act provisions ... new game is for LAs to drive a whole wagon train through most of those !!!

Perhaps ... " Sweet F.A. " would have saved us all time in summarising that Budget ... a Budget for the rich once again ?
Not to be outdone , Carers Trust's response :

Giles Meyer, CEO of Carers Trust, said: "For one fleeting moment today we thought the Chancellor had remembered unpaid carers in his Budget. Sadly, it was just that: a moment."

“The NHS will get extra money for mental health, but it isn’t clear how this will support carers. Carers often need help with their own mental health, especially young carers who are at risk of developing mental health problems. It’s also important carers are taken seriously as experts in care of people with mental health problems.

“And with only £650m for adult social care and £84m for children’s social care, spread across all of England’s local authorities, the needs of seven million carers and the local services that support them will barely be touched. This is too short term a solution.

“Carers don’t have a moment to wait for the help and support they need: too many are already in crisis. We’re not sure how any of the money in the Budget will reach them.”

Slightly more direct and relevant ... for what that's worth ?

Still , one consolation ... a Sugar Daddy ... no need to tighten one's belt over there ?

So Giles , it's Sweet F.A. from your lot as well ... in so many words ?

Poor Fanny Adams ... ?
Two MAJOR issues now upstairs with CUK.

1. Rise in minimum wage will cause low millions of carers who juggle working with caring to crash through that £ 120 limit UNLESS they take steps to stay within and prevent CA dropping off the cliff.

2. Direct Payments ... unless the LAs INCREASE , same amount will buy in LESS care ... minimum wage rise yet again.

Low millions are affected by both issues ... both devastating in their own ways.